Phoenix, AZ at night. Photo by NASA.

Daily Headlines for Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Public Square | Water conservation, starchitect honors, road fatalities, smart cities, Black Bottom, Hazel Park, H Street, and gentrification.

In arid Southwest, cities expand but use less water
Christian Science Monitor — February 28, 2017
Phoenix reduced its residential water consumption in the past decade despite a 23 percent rise in population. Las Vegas recycles water from indoor drains and outdoor fountains.

3 Win the Pritzker, Long a Prize for Starchitects
The New York Times — March 1, 2017
In perhaps the clearest signal yet that the era of the solo celebrity architect is behind us, three friends who hung out a shingle in their Catalonian hometown, Olot, Spain, 30 years ago and never left or parted ways have won their profession’s highest honor: the Pritzker Prize.

Road fatalities are soaring. Here’s how to stop that.
The Washington Post — February 26, 2017
U.S. roadways in 2016 yielded another bumper crop of carnage as vehicle fatalities soared 6 percent, following a 7 percent jump in 2015 — the biggest two-year spike since the 1960s.

Smart Cities: The Solution To Our Urban Ills?
Forbes — March 1, 2017
An unprecedented rural exodus, coupled with accelerating global urbanization, is marking out poverty, air quality, congestion, failing infrastructure and general well-being as the greatest challenges for the 21st century. In this respect, they are making the need for “smarter cities” a top priority.

Local News

Bringing Detroit's Black Bottom back to (virtual) life
The Detroit Free Press — February 27, 2017
Those corners were part of the street grid of Black Bottom, where many of metro Detroit's African Americans can trace their  roots in Michigan. From World War I through the 1940s, the neighborhood rested on the eastern flank of the central business district.

Hazel Park Mayor Shares State of the City
Oakland County Times — February 28, 2017
Art and business were the dominant themes in the Hazel Park State of the City Address.  Mayor Jeffrey Keeton gave the speech Thursday at a joint event with the Madison Heights-Hazel Park Chamber of Commerce.

One Year Later, How Has The Streetcar Changed The H Street Corridor?
WAMU — February 27, 2017
One year after its long awaited launch, the District’s first streetcar line since 1962 is more than doubling early ridership projections with fares that will remain free for at least four more years.

How Far Can Miami's Beach Development Spread?
Forbes — February 28, 2017
When people think of Miami's beach culture, they likely focus on the three miles of shoreline along the heart of Miami Beach. What they may not realize is that this culture is spreading north, to previously suburban areas like Hollywood and Fort Lauderdale.