Oakland, CA. Photo by Thomas Hawk, via Flickr.

Daily Headlines for Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Public Square | Freeways without futures, high-end developments, parking near transit, eviction prevention, immigration, and gentrification.

The Highway Hit List
CityLab — January 31, 2017
The U.S. has no shortage of urban interstates ripe for removal, and some tear-downs are already underway. But planners should tread carefully when “reconnecting” neighborhoods.

New high-end developments bring the city to the suburbs
Curbed — January 31, 2017
While it may sound like some former industrial neighborhood transformed by the influx of coffee bars and brunch spots, The Cannery isn’t a rising urban hot spot.

Cities, suburbs are requiring too much parking near transit stations, study says
The Washington Post — February 1, 2017
Auto-centric standards and zoning requirements have led to too much parking being built around transit stations, leaving many parking spaces empty and wasting valuable land that could be better used, according to a study released Tuesday by Smart Growth America.

Cities Could Save Millions of Dollars by Preventing Evictions
Bloomberg — January 31, 2017
We know government can save money by funding services for poor patients so they don't end up in the emergency room, where health care is more expensive.

Local News

Should Oakland demolish I-980?
KTVU — January 31, 2017
Interstate 980 in Oakland has landed on a list of freeways in the U.S. that should be demolished and Mayor Libby Schaaf says the idea has some merit and should be discussed.

Will the Dallas Arts District Ever Be a Place for Dallas Artists?
D Magazine — January 31, 2017
Last week, the Horchow Auditorium at the Dallas Museum of Art was at full capacity for the latest installment of KERA’s State of the Arts, this time looking at the future of the Dallas Arts District.

Cities in Midwest, Rust Belt Say They Need Immigrants
The Wall Street Journal — January 31, 2017
An array of Republican and Democratic officials from across the Rust Belt and Midwest are united in concern about President Donald Trump’s clampdown on refugees and certain immigrants for one overriding reason: Their communities need more people.

Readers impassioned about gentrification in Nashville
The Tennessean — January 31, 2017
A Sunday column and accompanying video about the costs of growth in Nashville — and how residents in historically black neighborhoods are being left behind — generated hundreds of impassioned responses from Tennessean readers.