Location: Miami, FL

Chief of Land Development

Salary: $87,630.40 Annually

Closing: 3/10/2023

Nature of Work
This is advanced level professional work coordinating the design review and entitlement processes of proposed projects to ensure the thorough review of development proposals. Work entails planning, assigning and coordinating the work of professional and support staff, assigned on a project basis, to undertake analysis and special studies. The incumbent must devise streamlined processes which allow expedited review of development proposals and assemble standards and guidelines for developers throughout the City of Miami. Incumbent will also be responsible for coordinating the maintenance of Zoning Ordinance updates, changes and other legislation to be codified, as well as design/planning review and approval of projects undergoing special permit approvals.

An employee of this class is expected to exercise considerable discretion and independent judgment in developing appropriate procedures to assure that the City codes and ordinances are properly enforced. Duties include office supervision as well as field supervision of assigned professional and clerical personnel. General supervision is received from the Assistant Director who confers with the incumbent on problems involving division policy.

Essential Functions

  • Manages complex and time sensitive entitlement projects and rezoning applications; performs research and analysis related to special permits and zoning regulations for form based codes.
  • Processes, directs, reviews, and signs the work of staff on land use development applications for consistency with City policies and other applicable requirements.
  • Manages intra/inter-departmental and external coordination of land use and design matters related to development projects, and other related studies.
  • Supervises and coordinates the activities of assigned staff involved in the review of Special Permits and Rezoning Applications in geo-team areas; coordinates trainings for staff development in Land Development.
  • Under the guidance of the Assistant Director, represents and functions as the liaison to the Planning , Zoning and Appeals Board (PZAB); manages all review and permitting activities related to Future Land Use Map updates and zoning changes process through the PZAB.
  • Recommends to the Assistant Director amendments to pertinent sections of the City Code and the Zoning Ordinance to expand the scope of review in order to ensure sound site planning and optimize the design for major development proposals.
  • Participates in the annual review process of Development Agreements with applicants to ensure compliance of public benefits.
  • Evaluates customer needs and leads the Division in any process improvement efforts including the development, formulation, and revisions of departmental policies and procedures; provides recommendations to the Assistant Director on updates to departmental policies and procedures; prepares any required reports for performance management, operations, and budget related requests.
  • Advises the Director and Assistant Director on planning related matters, as requested.
  • Monitors and ensures compliance with all applicable local, state, and federal laws and ensures quality control on all reports, studies, and materials submitted for acceptance or adoption.
  • Monitors and provides metrics for completing Special Permits within on-time reviews cycles; and coordinating with Assistant Director for PZAB scheduling.
  • Attends meetings and makes presentations to boards, planning groups, commissions, the public, and other decision-making bodies as the department representative, when assigned by the Assistant Director.
  • Performs other related work as required.

Minimum Requirements

  • Master’s degree in City, Regional, or Urban Planning, Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Geography, or a related field.
  • Thorough seven (7) years professional city, regional, or urban planning experience.
  • Considerable four (4) years related supervisory experience.
  • A certification from the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP) or Congress for New Urbanism (CNU) accreditation is highly desirable.
  • OR Equivalent combination of education and experience beyond a high school diploma or its equivalent and two (2) years of the required experience mentioned above.

How to Apply
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