Location: Montpelier, VT

Assessment, Facilitated Outreach, and Recommendations to Improve the State’s Designation Programs

Closing: March 3, 2023

Full RFP:

As Vermont’s suite of designation programs enters its 25th year, and as a result of recent legislation passed by the Vermont General Assembly Act 182 (S.226) of 2022 Sec. 40, the Department seeks consulting assistance to conduct statewide stakeholder outreach to support the evaluation of and future improvements to the State designation programs and incentives established in 24 V.S.A. Chapter 76A that recognize and invest in the vitality of Vermont’s compact settlement areas, including participation by State, regional, municipal, and advocacy and nongovernmental organizations. Consultants need expertise and proven experience in leading stakeholder outreach, meeting facilitation, have deep familiarity with Vermont’s designation, planning and development framework, and national approaches to place-based incentive districts, programs, and policies. The consultant’s recommendations shall include the following five components:

  • A Stakeholder Engagement and Outreach Plan both as a standalone tool, and to be applied and adjusted iteratively to each of the other components.
  • A Program Evaluation including requirements, benefits, impact, challenges, opportunities, and comparative analysis of the current programs, and comparative analysis with other states’ programs.
  • Vision and Goals for designation reform, considering desired outcomes and drawing from the unique opportunity present to maintain and bolster the existing programs to transformative changes that evolve the programs for the next 25 years.
  • Program Recommendations tailored to the areas of need—Administrative Processes, Conditions for Success & Program Requirements, Program Benefits & Incentives, Future Program Design—with ranked priorities.
  • Final Report synthesizing the program components and making final recommendations to the legislature.

How to Apply
All bid proposals must be submitted in digital format as described below. No hard copies, faxes or in-person delivery will be accepted.

  • Please submit proposals electronically via email to Bids must be received by the closing date and tie found on the cover of this RFP
  • The email subject line must read “Designation RFP – Bid Proposal”
  • The email must contain a PDF attachment of the bid OR contain a viable download link.
  • The bid document must be a single digitally searchable PDF with the following naming convention <<Vendor Name-Designation Bid>>. The PDF attachment must contain all components of the bid. Multiple emails and/or multiple attachments will not be accepted.