Location: Providence, RI

Design & Construction Guidelines and Stakeholder Engagement

Closing: February 17, 2023

Full RFP:

RIHousing is requesting qualifications and proposals from qualified firms to complete one or both of the following activities: 1) Review, research, and update our existing Design and Construction Guidelines (the "Guidelines") and 2) Conduct stakeholder engagement as part of the review and update process. Firms may submit proposals for either one or both activities. Firms may also choose to partner with another firm and submit a joint proposal.

The Design and Construction Guidelines have been designed to establish a clear predictable process and timeframe from reservation of financing to loan closing and to establish Design and Construction Standards. It is our goal to construct housing that is safe, affordable, high quality, sustainable, energy efficient and healthy for residents.

There have been minor modifications to the Guidelines over the years, but the document has not gone through a thorough review or update within the past decade, thus there is a need to revise, reorganize and consolidate the Guidelines. The final product should be a user-friendly document that addresses innovation, modern design, construction systems, materials and techniques that may be used as a tool for RIHousing and our development partners.

How to Apply
Proposals must be submitted via email to: Nivea Linhares, Real Estate Development Assistant at no later than the response submission deadline set forth above.

Proposals that are not received by the response submission deadline or that do not adhere to the submission instructions described herein shall not be accepted or considered by RIHousing.

Proposals should be concise and adhere to the word count applicable to each section of this Request for Proposals (“RFP”). Proposals should be presented on business letterhead and include all attachments, certifications (including the Submissions Certification at Attachment A), and work samples (as applicable). Please note that failure to provide any information, certification, or document requested in this RFP may cause your submission not to be reviewed or considered by RIHousing.

RIHousing may invite one or more finalists to make presentations, including demonstrations of requested products, if applicable.