Location: Denton, TX

Downtown Master Plan Update

Closing: Wednesday, December 14, 2022 at 1 pm

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The City of Denton needs to evaluate if the vision and goals for Downtown are still relevant today. Additionally, evaluate its boundary, identify additional open space, increase housing choices, enhance mobility connectivity and balance development while protecting existing neighborhoods and historic resources.

Purpose: The City of Denton invites qualified consultants to submit their qualifications to assist in the Downtown Master Plan Update. The city needs to confirm if the vision and goals for Downtown are still relevant today and for the near future. The existing Downtown Master Plan is 20 years old and the subsequent Downtown Implementation Plan (DTIP) is 12 years old. The Downtown Master Plan and DTIP directs public and private investments in Downtown hence why the city still needs to make sure the vision and goals are still valid. Additionally, the city needs to evaluate if the Downtown should be expanded in size to maximize future opportunities, identify additional open space, increase housing choices, enhance mobility connectivity, and balance development while protecting existing neighborhoods and historic resources. The project will be managed by the City’s Development Services Department.

Why Update the Town Master Plan
There is a need to update the Downtown Denton Master Plan and the DTIP to create a new set of priorities with an emphasis on expanding the Downtown area in size to maximize future opportunities, identifying additional open space, increasing housing choices, enhancing mobility connectivity, and balancing development while protecting existing neighborhoods and historic resources. An update to the Downtown Master Plan and the DTIP should also address parking, historic preservation, walkability, and the compatibility of new infill development and the adaptive re-use of underutilized buildings. Downtown continues to be a draw for its tourism, entertainment, cultural activities and more. Without continued investment in Downtown, future growth and improvements are limited. A comprehensive approach to Downtown is needed to continue its success, create new public-private partnerships, and identify infrastructure needs for the future. The Comprehensive Plan recommends updating the Downtown Master Plan and DTIP.

Goals and Objectives
The goal of the Downtown Master Plan Update is to evaluate and confirm the vision for the Downtown and surrounding area, as well as set clear policy direction and supporting implementation strategies, that will continue the economic growth of Downtown, enhance pedestrian experience, and preserve the character of the Downtown. The implementation strategies identified shall be consistent with the vision, prioritized, timeframe outlined, responsibilities assigned accordingly, and financial resources identified to ensure that implementation is achievable. The implementation strategies must also include ways to evaluate and measure progress.

Opportunities and Challenges
From confirming the vision for Downtown to identifying and leveraging existing assets and opportunities to including appropriate implementations strategies, there are multiple opportunities to build on the success of the Downtown. The list below represents the opportunities that the City would like to further explore, as well as any other opportunities that may be identified throughout this project.

  1. Confirm the Vision for Downtown
  2. Create a Comprehensive Master Plan for Downtown
  3. Expand Open Space Opportunities
  4. Promote Economic Development
  5. Promote Transit-Oriented Development near DCTA Station
  6. Manage the need for Parking
  7. Drainage
  8. Enhance Mobility Plan for Utility Infrastructure and other Public Service Needs
  9. Continue to improve Public Safety
  10. Enhance the Downtown through Urban Design
  11. Historic Preservation

Many of the opportunities previously identified are based on existing challenges staff has identified. Those challenges include: lack of walkability in certain areas; need for additional pedestrian lighting; limited open space south of Downtown; lack of gathering places; poor roadway conditions; and aging infrastructure within the study area. Other challenges include: underutilized buildings and properties south of Downtown due to the existing floodway and floodplain; pedestrian mobility across the railroad lines from the east side of Downtown; and land use compatibility challenges where proposed land uses affect the character of adjacent established residential neighborhoods (Southeast Denton, Stroud and Pierce, Bolivar and Anna, and Austin and Oakland Street Neighborhoods). Additionally, nearby neighborhoods may be concerned with gentrification as areas within the Downtown area experience potential increase in property values and reinvestment.

How to Apply
Apply online at: Submissions accepted via IONWAVE or hard copy ONLY (no emails).

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