Location: Fort Worth, TX

Butler Place Access and Development Plan

Closing: Thursday, December 1, 2022 1:30 P.M. Central Time

Full RFP:

The City of Fort Worth Transportation and Public Works Department along with the North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) is seeking consulting services to develop a transportation/land use coordination regulating plan that generally includes the former Butler Place Public Housing Complex, IM Terrell Academy, and adjacent area. The study will not only provide transportation and land-use coordination strategies, but develop projects to enhance access and mobility. The project outcomes outlined in the scope should further advance the City’s urban village program and comply with comprehensive planning goals:

City of Fort Worth Urban Village Program:

Urban Villages are small geographic areas zoned for dense, multiple-use development that are mass-transit and pedestrian-friendly. Parks, business, entertainment, homes and stores – all within walking distance of each other in an area with a consistent look and feel that emphasizes the culture and heritage of those who call it home. A City within a City.

City of Fort Worth Comprehensive Plan Transportation Goals:

  1. Improve mobility and air quality by providing a multimodal transportation system that is effectively coordinated with existing and planned adjacent land uses.
  2. Develop and maintain a safe, efficient, and economically sound transportation system that meets the needs of all users.
  3. Improve transportation coordination with area transportation agencies.

The scope below outlines a data-driven set of actions:

  • Alternatives analysis to improve multimodal (pedestrian, bicycle, auto, transit, goods, etc.) safety, operations, and access to/from and within the study area.
  • Cross-sections, plans, and other design work to move forward with funding opportunities and capital delivery.
  • Strategies and recommendations for land use and built form that are conducive for multi-modal transportation investments, including potential high-speed rail and a concept for highest and best land use. This should include development of a form- based code for the area.
  • Equitable housing and economic development opportunities near high-quality multi- modal transportation investments.
  • Concepts and proposed mitigations for reconnecting the community’s pedestrians and cyclists to job centers, entertainment centers, and other nearby neighborhoods.
  • Understanding of cost-effectiveness and economic/fiscal impacts of any recommended investments or policies, including analysis on potential tax revenue if a Tax Increment Finance (TIF) zone is created
  • Context sensitive project and policy solutions that enhance quality of life, equity, and environmental quality (including air quality).

How to Apply
City of Fort Worth
Purchasing Division
200 Texas Street
Fort Worth, Texas 76102

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Transportation Planning Manager
Transportation and Public Works Department
Regional Transportation and Innovation Division
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