Location: Missoula, MT

Brooks Street Bus‐Rapid Transit (BRT) / Transit‐Oriented Development (TOD) Detailed Planning Study

Closing: 5:00 p.m. MST, December 13, 2022

Full RFP:

The Missoula Redevelopment Agency (MRA), in coordination with the Missoula Urban Transportation District (Mountain Line) is seeking the services of a multi‐disciplinary consulting team to conduct the Brooks Street BRT/TOD RAISE Grant Detailed Planning Study. The purpose is to conduct detailed planning analysis of the bi‐directional, fixed‐route, center‐running bus‐ rapid transit concept identified in a previous study, and move the concept to the preliminary design (15%) stage. Feasible alternatives to center‐running BRT may be considered.

The selected Consultant will provide transit, transportation, and land‐use planning, engineering, and design; public outreach; capital funding guidance; and related services. The necessary qualifications, scope of services, and submission requirements are detailed in this RFP.

The Brooks BRT/TOD RAISE Study is being funded primarily through a federal Rebuilding America’s Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity (RAISE) grant being administered through the Federal Transit Administration (FTA).

Context: BRT / TOD Strategy
Through previous planning efforts*, the Midtown Mojo coalition has identified bi‐directional, fixed‐route, center‐running BRT as a compelling strategy to address multiple existing challenges on the Brooks Street corridor and to achieve its vision.

A dedicated bus lane could ensure high‐frequency headways. Center‐lane bus stops could be expected to serve dual purpose as pedestrian refuge, making it safer and more comfortable for everyone, not just the brave‐of‐heart, to cross the street. Dedicated left turn lanes with adequate queuing space, and consolidated curb cuts could improve safety and traffic flow, reducing the number of vehicular rear‐end and side‐swipe crashes. Investing in fixed‐route BRT and a complete, multi‐modal street would signal to developers that the city encourages private development and transit‐oriented infill development with a mix of residential, business, commercial, and recreational uses accessible to all demographics. Treating all modes of transportation equally would provide transportation alternatives, and less reliance on vehicles alone.

In 2021 Mountain Line and the City of Missoula (through MRA) received a federal RAISE grant to move the vision of BRT on Brooks Street from concept to preliminary (15%) design.

Statement of Purpose
The purpose of this Brooks BRT/TOD RAISE Study is to conduct a detailed planning analysis of the bi‐directional, fixed‐route, center‐running BRT concept identified in the Brooks Street Corridor Transit‐Oriented Development (TOD) Infrastructure Study (May 2020)† , and to move the concept to the preliminary design (15%) stage.

If analysis reveals a strategy other than bi‐directional, fixed‐route, center‐running BRT as a better option to achieve the multiple goals discussed above, the Client Team will consider the alternative.

It is expected that when the Brooks BRT/TOD RAISE Study is complete, the city and its partners will be positioned to immediately seek federal capital transportation improvement funding, and additional right‐of‐way and policy changes as necessary.

Capital funding opportunities being considered include the Federal Transportation Administration (FTA) Capital Investment Grants (CIG) Program; the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) Rebuilding American Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity (RAISE) Capital Grant Program; and other new grant opportunities included in the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA). The Client Team will look to the successful Consultant to evaluate these and other potential funding sources and to help identify the most appropriate capital funding strategy(ies).

How to Apply
The proposal should be submitted as one document electronically in a printable PDF format to the City’s secure file‐sharing platform at:

The name of the lead team should be included in the file name. All content respondents feel will be necessary for selection should be included in the body of the proposal, which should not exceed twenty (20) double‐sided pages in 8.5”x11” format. The proposal may include links to other documents and/or appendices. However, respondents should not assume these will be reviewed.

Questions about this RFP or requests for clarification shall be submitted in writing no later than November 30, 2022 to Annette Marchesseault at