Location: Ridgeland, MS

Conceptual Plan

Closing: November 18, 2022

Full RFQ:

The Pearl River Valley Water Supply District (“PRVWSD”) is requesting qualifications, pricing information, and availability of a consultant to author a Conceptual Plan for the future development of an area generally bound on the south by Pelahatchie Bay, on the west by Windward Oaks Subdivision, on the east by Fox Bay subdivision, and on the north by Northshore Parkway. The Conceptual Plan should describe a vision for the future development of the area in terms of both public infrastructure and private development expectations. The area is uniquely situated with direct water access to the Ross Barnett Reservoir, connects directly to a regionally impactful recreational trail on the Northshore Parkway, and is one of the few remaining water-access parcels that is undeveloped.

M&N Conceptual Plan
This project requests sufficient analysis of the current economic development impact, land use of the project area, and transportation planning, to achieve a walkable, mixed-use community. The Conceptual Plan will lay out the future development character of the area, phases for public infrastructure investment, and strategies to execute the plan. Strategies should not only spur development within the area, but plan to buffer and protect the established neighboring residential neighborhood in order to enhance quality of life for all. Considerations include but are not limited to: existing conditions; feasibility of walkable, functional neighborhoods, and mixed-use districts.

The intended outcome of the project is to engage key stakeholders and work with the agency staff and board to create a conceptual plan for the project area reflective of the desires of the PRVWSD and to promote smart growth principles. The plan will also promote urban design standards; reduce conflicts of incompatible land uses; stabilize and improve property values; promote transportation options; and encourage safe, convenient, attractive, sustainable, healthy neighborhoods and districts. Strategiesin the plan should include potential phasing.

Submittal Requirements
Responses must conform to the requirements set forth in this RFQ, and include as follows:

  • Cover letter identifying all firms proposed for the team, including contact information, such as mailing address, email address and phone number;
  • Project understanding;
  • Statement of Qualifications: Team organization, including professional resumes and identification of the lead consultant and project manager, key personnel, and the roles and responsibilities of all sub-consultants. Also designate who will be directly working with the PRVWSD staff.
  • Statement of relevant work/experience with referral contact information and links to published product(s);
  • Project approach;
  • Scope of Work; (Important elements: Public participation plan; digital content for website)
  • Proposed deliverables;
  • Proposed timeline, not to exceed 12 months from project initiation;
  • Proposed project budget;
  • Proposed improvements to the process that submitting firm can achieve;
  • Clearly identify any term of proposal that may deviate from submitted requirements and the benefits thereof.

Final sealed qualifications must be received by the PRVWSD no later than 10:00 a.m. (Central Standard Time) local time on November 18, 2022. Late proposals will not be accepted nor considered. All proposals must be sealed and clearly marked with the Proposer’s name and labeled with “Land Use Plan RFQ: M & N”. Proposers must allow sufficient lead-time to ensure receipt of their proposals by the time specified. The PRVWSD will not be responsible for a carrier’s failure to deliver. Five (5) copies of the complete proposal response plus one (1) PDF version must be delivered digitally to the following:

Pearl River Valley Water Supply District
ATTN: Tammie Ballard
115 Madison Landing Circle
Ridgeland, Mississippi 39157

The deadline to submit written questions for information and/or clarification is 3:00 PM on Friday, October 1 4 , 2022. Questions should be made in writing to