Location: Charlotte, NC

Call for Interest: Neighborhood Design Workshop

Charlotte is hosting the 31st Annual Congress for New Urbanism (CNU), an international gathering of urban planners, designers, and developers May 31 - June 3, 2023. The CNU Local Host Committee invites letters of interest from communities or organizations to participate in Congress Legacy Projects.

Congress Legacy Projects are neighborhood design workshops in the host region, led by national experts in planning, design, and architecture. Legacy Projects may focus on downtowns, neighborhoods, commercial districts, or corridors. They include community engagement and participation from local stakeholders and residents, and result in a report with a near-term action plan addressing topics like infill development, affordability, parks, transportation, etc.

Communities: Municipalities, community non-profits, neighborhood organizations, or other parties across the host region can apply. The lead project entity should be a local government or a group that has support from the local government.

Expectations: Selected communities will participate in organizing calls, take a lead role in local outreach, work closely with CNU to make decisions on the project, form a local steering committee, and cover direct costs and logistics of on-site meetings. Selected communities will also follow through with continued support or implementation after the project is complete.

Local Match: Professional services of a Legacy Project are valued at $100-125,000 in donated time and services. Each selected organization or community is expected to contribute $15,000 for direct travel expenses of the firms and CNU staff for the Legacy Project week. Assistance with funding may be available from the Local Host Committee. Any combination of municipal, foundation, corporate, or individual sponsorship can be the source of the funds.

Selection and Criteria: Letters of interest will be evaluated by a panel of CNU staff and Local Host Committee members. The panel will consider the nature of the proposed project (e.g., invites model solutions for local development issues; serves underrepresented communities; creates opportunities to improve the public realm in a way that benefits the local community; suitable for a neighborhood design workshop format), and the capacity of the lead organization (e.g., includes a project champion who is able to organize and advance the project; shows intent to provide logistical assistance such as venues, information, public outreach). The evaluation may be followed up with a phone call or interview for additional information.

Submit a Letter of Interest

To express interest in hosting a Congress Legacy Project, submit a letter of interest (2- page maximum) to Margaret Gattis at by October 14, 2022.

A letter of interest should include the following:

  • Introduction of lead project entity or organization. Identify a single point of contact.
  • Summary of proposed project location and focus of the challenge to be addressed.
  • Summary of lead entity’s capacity to support the project.

Questions? Contact: Margaret Gattis, CNU at

Call for Interest Letter 


  • Letter of Interest Due: October 14, 2022
  • Participants Notified: November 4, 2022
  • Local Matching Funds Due: December 31, 2022
  • Participant Kick-Off Call: Week of November 7, 2022
  • Organizing Calls: November '22 - January '23
  • Workshops: February '22 - Mid March '23
  • CNU Charlotte: May 31 - June 3, 2023

Past Projects

CNU30.Oklahoma City: Main Street revitalization plan promoting land-use opportunities to create a more walkable community. Link to report

CNU27.Louisville: Vision for the Woodlawn Avenue commercial corridor, a unique area with a high multicultural and immigrant population. Link to report

CNU26.Savannah: Establishing a walkable hub with opportunities for education, housing, entertainment, and transportation in Savannah’s Southside. Link to report