Location: Sea Cliff, NY

Comprehensive Plan

Closing: May 6, 2022

Full RFP:

The Village of Sea Cliff invites qualified consulting firms to submit proposals to prepare a local Comprehensive Plan pursuant to New York State Village Law and New York State standards and procedures, including the NYS Environmental Protection Fund Smart Growth Program, as well as the best management practices for comprehensive planning. Proposals will be accepted from individuals, firms, or groups of firms who can demonstrate they have the resources, experience, and proposals to provide a range of professional planning and recommendations for the Village of Sea Cliff Comprehensive Plan.

To establish a forward looking Comprehensive Plan that will shape and guide substantive changes to our Village's Code. The planning process should seek to explore and ultimately balance a range of critical but often competing and contrasting dynamics, considerations, challenges, and impacts, including but not limited to, those related to:

  • Ecology and density,
  • housing pressure and preservation,
  • vibrancy and congestion,
  • waterfront development and coastal resilience, and
  • local interests and connection to the broader community, among others.

The successful applicant will demonstrate a creative approach to community engagement, a proven ability to build common ground, and a record of achievement in implementation.

As a small municipality on Long Island, there are a multitude of challenges and opportunities to maintaining, improving, and sustaining the Village in the 21st century and beyond; in this vein, a successful planning process for Sea Cliff will include, but is not limited to, tasks such as:

  • Review of zoning laws and amendments, • Improving traffic circulation, increasing/improving pedestrian circulation and biking, particularly in high traffic subareas,
  • Achieving environmental sustainability, assessment/alignment of recommendations with any applicable SEQRA requirements,
  • Assessing climate impact, sea level rise and resiliency assessment, for example, interface with US Climate Resilience Toolkit and other applicable or available tools, reports, data and analyses,
  • Itemizing Village government board, commission, and committee responsibilities for implementation of plan - including, but not limited to, performance checks, interface with existing committees, gaps or vulnerabilities - as well as opportunities for intergovernmental coordination,
  • Analysis of housing economics and projections aligned to future oriented questions, for example, affordability for elderly and young professionals,
  • Strategizing climate and quality of life improvements including, but not limited to, trees, pollinators, and sustainable practices,
  • Review of home occupation regulations in light of evolving professional culture (for example, work from home),
  • Identifying small business support services,
  • Evaluation of activity centers ratios of various uses, including, but not limited to, small scale manufacturing, professional offices, services, parks, and open space,
  • Exploring design features such as public art, public plazas, historic and natural features,
  • Identifying funding opportunities for recommended projects,
  • Assessing equitable opportunities for key determinants in the Village,
  • Appraising opportunities to expand renewable energy in the village, for example, the Department of Energy program “Community Driven Pathways to Clean Energy, and
  • Analysis of infrastructure deficits and improvement opportunities,
  • Assessing proper and sustainable use regulations, including mixed and blended uses, and transition areas or districts in commercial districts

How to Apply
To be considered, please submit 6 (six) hard copies and 1 (one) electronic copy, on a USB drive, of the proposal in a sealed envelope to:
Village of Sea Cliff
Attn: Elena Villafane, Mayor
Comprehensive Plan
PO Box 340
300 Sea Cliff Avenue
Sea Cliff, New York 11579

Proposals must be submitted in person, via U.S. mail or other nationally recognized courier service and be received no later than 3:00 p.m. on Friday, May 6, 2022. Responses received after 3:00 p.m. on Friday, May 6, 2022 will not be considered.