Location: Jenks, OK

Downtown Jenks West Gateway Infill Project

Closing: 3/30/2022

Full RFP:

Project Overview
The City of Jenks has adopted a Comprehensive Plan and is in the process of adopting a Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) that reflects our dedication to quality urban design, architecture, and, most importantly, a high quality of life in all neighborhoods in the city. This site, as identified in the Jenks Comprehensive Plan, is located within the Downtown Jenks West Gateway. When approaching downtown from the west, the 4.2-acre site to the south of Main Street is the first impression of the heart of downtown. The West Gateway is not currently visually or physically connected to the Downtown Core. The City is looking for the right infill project on this vacant lot that will visually delineate where downtown begins and will attract, and keep residents and visitors returning for years to come.

This infill project will focus on new development exhibiting the ideal built form. Residential and office uses above the ground floor, primarily comprised of restaurants or other tax generating businesses, are encouraged for Main Street. Transitional areas along Birch and Aquarium Place should capitalize on the City’s core walkable blocks and expand the pedestrian-oriented experience provided along Main Street, attracting a customer base that extends beyond the City limits.

Infill design should consider the primary development pattern on Main Street between First and Third Street. The northern portion of the site should include a mixed-use building that reflects downtown model blocks, constructed to the build-to line along Main Street and Birch Street. Regardless of how the project is configured, a portion should be dedicated, designed and built to encourage walkability and public open space.

Project Goals
This RFP is supported by the Jenks Comprehensive Plan Commercial - subarea plan for downtown including but not limited to the following key themes, and project goals:

  • Create a development opportunity that is attractive to conventional and/or innovative developers
  • Support of a reasonable and identifiable path to redevelopment of subject site
  • Pursue development project that is consistent with realistic market opportunities
  • Design/build a mixed use, (live, work, play), development in the downtown
  • Expand the sales tax base
  • Creation of permanent jobs
  • Creation of job opportunities that pay above minimum wage
  • Pursue economically and environmentally sound, sustainable development
  • Pursue high standards, and best utilization of public assets
  • Keep process transparent
  • Involve local Jenks stakeholders
  • Integrate public open space with new development
  • Support alternative modes of transportation emphasizing walking and biking
  • Provide a dedicated trail or shared sidewalk along the railroad right of way

How to Apply
Developers/development teams interested in submitting a proposal to acquire and develop this site shall submit a response to the RFP in person at City Hall or electronically to the City Clerk, Brandon Macy ( with “Downtown Jenks West Gateway Proposal, Submittal Deadline: 03.30.22” listed in the subject line.