Location: Pinellas Park, FL

Resilient Ready Tampa Bay Project

Deadline: Friday, November 19, 2021 by 4:00 PM

Full RFP:

The Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council (TBRPC) coordinates the Tampa Bay Regional Resiliency Coalition which currently has 31 members and supports regional collaboration and engagement on climate resiliency. The selected consultant will assist the TBRPC in the development and implementation of a regional technical assistance program entitled Resilient Ready: Tampa Bay. The Resilient Ready project is funded by a grant from the Florida Resilient Coastlines Program 2021-2022 for regional resilience entities. The objective of Resilient Ready is to support innovative planning and infrastructure investments with resilient design concepts that can be integrated into development and redevelopment opportunities (see the Southeast Florida Regional Resilience Compact’s “Resilient Redesign” as a comparable program, Coordinated efforts in resilience will help improve the integrity of local infrastructure and the safety of communities by reducing risk and the potential for economic losses and disruptions due to flood impacts.

The selected Consultant will work with local practitioners, stakeholders, and private-sector experts to propose resilient design strategies which could serve as models of resilience for communities throughout the Tampa Bay region. The emphasis being on the integration of design solutions into future development and redevelopment projects, and in advance of a major climate disruption. Three characteristic West-Central Florida landscapes will be chosen through a selection process facilitated by TBRPC to serve as model sites with the intent to develop transferable design solutions for similar sites across the region. Each study area will explore a topic within resilient adaptation, representing coastal flooding adaptation, inland flooding, or floodable landscapes.

A preliminary Scope of Services of the Resilient Ready Project is included within the RFP. Consultants should have an established reputation and documented successful experience in providing Planning/Design/Engineering services. The Consultant selected is expected to have appropriately experienced staff and resources to provide comprehensive and reliable services regarding the Resilient Ready Project and will be required to demonstrate this via the submittal documents and/or associated interviews, if deemed necessary.

This RFP is offered to Consultants who will provide support services to the TBRPC in the coordination and engagement of the project-specific Sub-Committees, develop and conduct the design charrettes in three communities, prepare educational materials summarizing the process, and participate in the final symposium/event showcase. The Consultant is not responsible for meeting logistics (e.g., location selection, AV support).

The Resilient Ready Project is anticipated to begin in the last quarter of FY 2022 (December 2021) with an anticipated performance period of 7 months, completion in June 2022. It is anticipated that a time and materials contract will be awarded to the selected Consultant in the estimated amount of $180,000.

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