Location: Southampton, NY

Village Planner/Architect

Job Description
People all over the world come to visit and be a part of the Hamptons. The Village of Southampton has some of the most desirable beaches, shops and historic & new architecture in the country. Live near the ocean and help our staff and Boards maintain the quality of our built environment and prepare our Village for a successful future.

The Village Planner/Architect plays a key role in shaping the built environment throughout the Village. The individual is responsible for reviewing building plans as needed for permit applications. Among their duties are the management of processes that regulate designs for architecture, site design, and signage, in addition to the regulation of requests for demolition. They serve as the primary staff administrator for the Board of Architectural Review and Historic Preservation (ARBHP), Zoning Board of Appeals, Planning Board and Planning Commission. The ARBHP administers historic preservation review of structures within the locally adopted historic districts as well as overall design review as outlined in the Village Design Standards and Comprehensive Plan.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Advise and administer public board meetings which occur several times a month in the evenings
  • Meet with applicants to review proposals passed on from the building department for new structures, modifications to existing structures, demolition requests, and signage within various zoning districts
  • Perform site inspections
  • Administer preservation and design review provisions of the Zoning Ordinance and Design Guidelines
  • Organizing and coordinated review between Boards and Establishing a trusted working relationship with board members, helping to bring board processes into conformity with adopted ordinances while empowering board members to make good decisions in keeping with legal standards for quasi-judicial boards
  • Empowering staff and Board Members by educating, motivating, and inspiring them to achieve excellent architecture and design that embodies the principles, policies and goals of the Comprehensive Plan and Design Guidelines
  • Fostering a collaborative environment among staff, boards and applicant
  • Providing excellent customer service and efficiency by clearly and proactively communicating with applicants
  • Providing regular briefings to building department, Board Chairs and Mayor regarding operations and projects
  • Insure plans, processes, design guidelines, and zoning are up to date and meeting the goals of the Master Plan
  • Manage 3rd party Planners and Consultant contracts
  • Review Village Capital projects and infrastructure improvements as they impact design and built environment
  • Perform other duties as assigned. May require evenings and weekends as scheduled.

The Ideal Candidate Will:

  • Possess a keen eye for design and the ability to clearly convey design concepts, working with others to improve architectural and site design proposals at varying scales
  • Be an effective communicator with exceptional skill with written, verbal, and graphic communication, as well as in public speaking
  • Demonstrate an understanding of architectural history, typology, style and the urban assembly of architectural types into coherent streets, blocks, neighborhoods and districts
  • Show expertise in the materials, details and construction methods of traditional architecture and have knowledge of architectural preservation techniques and methods
  • Provide examples of built work that demonstrate a command of massing, rhythm, disposition, stylistic vocabulary and material palette
  • Have experience working with architectural regulation and/or with municipal review boards
  • Demonstrate an understanding of interrelated issues and potential solutions related to design, preservation, planning and sustainability


  • 7 years of related experience
  • Licensed as an Architect or Planner
  • Master’s degree or equivalent in Architecture, Preservation, Planning or related field

How to Apply