Location: South Kingstown, RI

Professional Consulting Services Associated with the American Rescue Plan Act Local Fiscal Recovery Fund

Full RFP:

Closing: October 29, 2021


  • 1.1 The Town of South Kingstown, Rhode Island (hereinafter referred to as the “Town”), is slated to receive $8.95 million over the next two (2) years under the Coronavirus Local Fiscal Recovery Fund established under the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (or, “ARPA”).
  • 1.2 The Town is seeking specialized project development, design (civil, engineering, architecture, landscaping and traffic engineering) and grant management services to maximize the Town’s use of the ARPA funds to support the Town’s COVID-19 disaster response to economic recovery. These services include supporting the Town with project management oversight and ensuring accountability, transparency, and compliance with all federal requirements.
  • 1.3 The Town invites Proposers to submit Proposals for all or some of the services outlined in Section 4 of this RFP, acknowledging that Proposers may be better equipped to provide certain services over others.
  • 1.4 The Town will award the ensuing contract to one or more Proposers, on a non- exclusive and as-needed basis as described in SECTION 4.

Scope of Services (Section 4)
The selected Proposer(s) may be required to perform the following scope of services:

A. Financial Advisory Services

  1. Provide expert guidance and advisory services regarding all applicable legislation, regulation, policies, and rules related to ARPA federal recovery funds.
  2. Assist the Town with establishing a comprehensive recovery portfolio by reviewing multiple funding streams from various federal and state programs, particularly those identified in COVID-19 related legislation.
  3. Assess and catalog available funding to prioritize needs, including the creation of a strategy that defines when and how funds should be used, from most to least restrictive, to maximize all resources. When multiple funding sources may be available, advise the Town on which funding source(s) will best meet the Town’s needs.

B. Communications Services

  1. Assist the Town with creating presentations and communications materials for community stakeholders and the public.
  2. Assist the Town with understanding and setting expectations regarding scope and eligibility of each funding source before stakeholder engagement.
  3. Attend relevant meetings with local, state, and federal agencies in conjunction with or on behalf of the Town.
  4. Advise the Town of all notice and public hearing requirements as required by federal and state regulations.

C. Project Development Services

  1. Coordination in the creation and review of project scopes of work and budgets, including as needed/desired for projects and programs.
  2. Provide the professional design services (i.e., engineering, architectural, transportation, landscaping) necessary to fulfill project scopes. Assist with and provide guidance regarding quality assurance documentation for conformance with the Town’s Design Criteria and Specification;
  3. Develop program guidelines, polices, procedures, implementation plans or other pertinent documents (i.e., project scope, programs, budgets, deliverables...).
  4. Communicate with elected officials, the community, and other stakeholders. Development of data, narrative, graphics, visualizations, and other content for use in communications, project proposals, presentations, public outreach materials, website, and other applications.
  5. Identify relevant funding source deadlines, including application, expenditure, and reporting deadlines and closeout requirements.
  6. Provide monthly status reports.

D. Project Management Services

  1. Provide project management services, including project oversight, compliance with project and/or grant requirements, and compliance with general federal and state guidelines related to administrative expenses, accountability, transparency, and contracting.
  2. Identify relevant funding source deadlines, including application, expenditure, and reporting deadlines and closeout requirements.
  3. Provide monthly status reports.
  4. Assist the Town with tracking outcomes of recovery spending.

E. Cost Tracking, Accounting, and Reporting Services

  1. Assist the Town with expanding the Town’s capacity for cost tracking, public accounting, and fiscal management.
  2. Coordinate with Town staff to obtain all costs and necessary supporting documentation.
  3. Work with the Town to develop an electronic system for tracking and management of expenses, applications, documentation, and information sharing.
  4. Work with the Town to ensure that the Town is following processes that meet all federal reporting requirements.
  5. Similar or related work as required, directed, or as situation dictates.

F. Monitoring Services

  1. Assist the Town with developing a process to oversee grants distributed to outside organizations, including communicating the terms and conditions of funding to relevant vendors and sub-recipients.
  2. Assist the Town with ensuring costs and/or proposed budgets for vendors or sub-recipients are necessary and reasonable for the activity provided.
  3. Assist Town staff with reporting, disbursing, and financial oversight functions.
  4. Assist the Town with devising and implementing fraud prevention and abuse practices.
  5. The selected Proposer(s) may be requested to directly review spending by outside organizations to ensure compliance with federal and state requirements.
  6. The selected Proposer(s) may also be requested to prepare a rick assessment of sub-recipients to evaluate noncompliance risk.

Proposers are encouraged to indicate within their Proposals whether any additional services not covered above are available.

How to Apply
Proposers may submit sealed Proposals by mail or hand delivery only no later than October 29, 2021 at 11:00 am. If a Proposer chooses to submit a Proposal by mail or hand delivery, then four (4) copies of the Proposal must be received in a sealed envelope clearly marked “Proposal Enclosed – Professional Consulting Services related to the American Rescue Plan Act Local Fiscal Recovery Fund SK0008PL” at the following address:

Town of South Kingstown-Finance Department
Attn: Julie Mason, Procurement Administrator
180 High Street
South Kingstown, RI 02879