Location: Fort Worth, TX

Las Vegas Trail Neighborhood Transformation Plan

Closing: September 10, 2021

Full RFQ:

The City of Fort Worth, the Fort Worth Housing Finance Corporation, and LVTRise, Inc. requests qualification from a multi-disciplinary team for the development of a Neighborhood Transformation Plan for the Las Vegas Trail Neighborhood.

Desired Project Outcomes
The Las Vegas Trail Transformation Plan should be comprised of the following elements:

  • Neighborhood Plan (Physical Design Plan)
  • Housing Plan (Land Use & Housing Plan)
  • People Plan
  • Public Safety Plan
  • Implementation, Timeline, and Budget

Anticipated Deliverables

  1. Public Engagement Process, defined by the consultant
    1. The selected firm would be leading project coordination and kick-off meetings to align core team on communication expectations, project budget and timeline, plan outline
    2. An on-site midpoint meeting with project leadership and an on-site meeting to review a final draft with project leadership are required
    3. Co-create an innovative process for community engagement with City of Fort Worth staff/FWHFC staff and existing community groups including residents, small businesses, and institutions
    4. Highly engaging and on-site workshops such as public charrettes and focus groups should be considered
    5. A website, social media campaign, promotional videos, and targeted radio campaign to gain interest and promote the planning efforts and public meetings
  2. Las Vegas Trail Transformation Plan, as outlined herein;
    1. Analysis and neighborhood understanding by quantitative and qualitative means; Sources may include data, interviews, source documents, existing plans and studies, neighborhood tours
    2. Create a scope for annual review of the plan for the next 3-5 years
    3. Preparation of plan concepts in accordance with ideas from the community and best practices. This will include a mid-point draft, final draft, and a final plan for approval
  3. Up to 6 technical and public presentations to build informed consent and support to organizations/commissions that would adopt the plan such the Las Vegas Trail Neighborhood, the LVTRise, Inc. Board, City of Fort Worth City Council, and the Fort Worth Housing Finance Corporation Board.

These deliverables will be addressed in detail in a scoping meeting with the selected firm and are provided here for full understanding of the scope of the project.

How to Apply
Contact email:
Contact phone: (817) 392-7556