Location: IA, IN, IL, MI, MN, MO, OH, or WI

Manager of Building Policy and Technology, Midwest Building Decarbonization Coalition

Salary: $80,000 to $100,000

Closing: June 1, 2021

Job overview and requirements
Are you the type of person who specializes in building policy and technology, especially as it applies to transitioning buildings off fossil fuels and onto clean, renewable electricity? Are you ready for a leadership role in one of the most exciting initiatives in the country, developing an equitable and diverse Midwestern coalition aimed at advancing affordable homes and businesses that are free of climate change-causing air pollution? Are you passionate about developing community-driven strategies to solve climate change and increase affordability in the Midwest building sector? Are you entrepreneurial and able to pick up projects to make them your own and/or co-develop projects with partners?

The Midwest Building Decarbonization Coalition (Midwest BDC) via Fresh Energy is hiring for a Manager of Building Policy and Technology consultant to play a Co-Director role in developing strategy and resources in support of local, state, and regional advocates seeking to advance policy and technology solutions to decarbonize buildings, centering equity in the work to reduce energy burden and emissions from the Midwestern building sector. We’re looking for an individual who is:

  • Knowledgeable about building policy (local and state level), building technology, utility regulation, and advocacy issues within the housing, community development, and/or building sector. Expertise in the Midwest region is preferred.
  • Passionate about equitable coalition building and change-making,
  • Eager to embrace and create opportunities,
  • Competent at navigating multiple decision-making arenas and inspiring diverse stakeholders,
  • Entrepreneurial, and
  • Results-oriented in both team and individual settings. We enthusiastically welcome all candidates or registered organizations to apply.

The Midwest BDC is committed to fostering diversity in all its forms, including but not limited to race and ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age and life experience, creed, religion, class, nationality, language, and physical and mental capability.

If this sounds like you, read on!

Our story
14% of total carbon emissions in the Midwest derive directly from heating buildings with gas and propane. For large cities, the percentage is typically more than twice that. In 2019, no comprehensive plan existed to eliminate these emissions, and no organization was doing the planning. The Midwest BDC was founded to support a non-coastal model of deep decarbonization to address the regional challenges of a cold climate and the regional opportunities of purple state politics.

With generous support to Fresh Energy, the Energy Foundation seeded the Midwest BDC to play a leadership role in convening and leveraging numerous existing organizations and allies to develop and implement a plan. Sponsored by Fresh Energy and supported by many allies, the Midwest BDC spans eight states (IA, IN, IL, MI, MN, MO, OH, WI) driving coordinated progress with Coalition staff and engaged stakeholders.

The Midwest BDC launched initial outreach in January 2020. Subsequently, the Midwest BDC has continued to lead the engagement of a growing group of participants in monthly meetings and strategic planning sessions, coalescing around a mission statement, five work streams, and development of a multi-year business plan.

Mission: To inspire and educate Midwesterners to end new installations of fossil fuel equipment in residential and commercial buildings by 2030, and to achieve zero emissions from these buildings by 2050, with intentional and consistent integration of equity and labor justice across all facets of our work.

Work Streams: Early Coalition partners have identified five initial priority workstreams: Equity, Public Policy, Market Transformation, Consumer Inspiration, and Research. The Coalition’s work is Equity First, incorporating equity concerns and prioritization into all other work streams.

The Midwest BDC will build regional capacity to enhance and support existing state and local advocates to develop a diverse building decarbonization coalition with equity as a priority focus. The Midwest BDC expects to transition from Fresh Energy sponsorship to a stand-alone 501(c)(3) in 2022, at which point this contract will be transitioned into a full-time staff role.

This contract will support a Manager of Building Policy and Technology consultant within the Midwest BDC. This will be a leadership position – a Co-Director role in coordination with the Midwest BDC’s two other Co-Director staff positions (Project Manager and Manager of Community Engagement and Equity) – to provide building policy and technology expertise to all facets of the Midwest BDC’s activities and advance the Coalition’s Public Policy and Market Transformation work streams.

Reports to
Midwest BDC Project Manager

Essential responsibilities
This contract is for a building policy and technology leadership position within the Coalition, coordinating closely with the Midwest BDC Project Manager and Manager of Community Engagement and Equity. Primary responsibilities include:

  • Leading the Public Policy and Market Transformation work streams, reporting out often on activities to the Midwest BDC Project Manager, including but not limited to:
    • Advising on and collaboratively proposing Coalition priorities on regional, state, and local levels as related to advancing building decarbonization public policy and market transformation activities;
    • Coordinating with funded Coalition partners and Midwest BDC staff to lead work on existing and new funded projects, including but not limited to the District Energy Collaborative and QAP/Passive House Standard Project;
    • Helping to establish and/or bolster participation in and provide leadership for working groups within the Coalition that develop and advance equitable building decarbonization solutions, including but not limited to the District Energy Collaborative and the Midwest Advanced Water Heater Initiative; and
    • Evaluating and proposing new research opportunities to advance innovative technology and/or policies in pursuit of equitable building decarbonization in the Midwest.
  • Leading outreach and relationship/trust development with policy and technical experts across the Midwest region (MN, MI, WI, IL, MO, IL, IA, ID) to build an inclusive, representative, and effective Coalition. In the near term, this work will be performed remotely via phone, video conference, and/or email in light of restrictions associated with COVID-19. Outreach will include, but not be limited to:
    • NGO, public sector, utility, and/or industry groups currently engaged energy efficiency, affordable housing, renters’ rights, and/or decarbonization work; and
    • Existing Midwestern networks and programs to partner with/leverage.
  • Supporting the Coalition’s Equity First commitment by:
    • Coordinating closely with the Manager of Community Engagement and Equity to integrate environmental and climate justice, affordable housing, and community groups into the Coalition’s Policy Development and Market Transformation work streams; and
    • Partnering with the Midwest BDC Project Manager and Manager of Community Engagement and Equity to equitable build the Coalition, helping to establish equitable operating principles and governance structures for the Coalition that are inclusive and representative.
  • Participating in weekly phone/video meetings with the Midwest BDC Project Manager and Manager of Community Engagement and Equity to confirm and adjust project priorities and goals as needed.

Job qualifications

  • Bachelor’s Degree and a minimum of seven years of experience in building energy performance, building design, energy and/or utility systems, residential and/or commercial building technologies, public policy, affordable housing, energy efficiency, or related fields, OR an organization that could demonstrate five years of recent accomplishments in building energy performance, building design, energy and/or utility systems, residential and/or commercial building technologies, public policy, affordable housing, energy efficiency, or related fields.
  • Must reside in Iowa, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, or Wisconsin.
  • Knowledge of building policy and regulations including but not limited to building codes, building energy performance standards, qualified allocation plans (QAP), energy rates, energy conservation programs, and utility resource and distribution planning.
  • Knowledge of building technology including but not limited to air- and ground-source (space and water) heat pumps, variable refrigerant flow systems, induction stoves, and district energy systems.
  • Experience with and commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion practices.
  • Ability to work effectively in a remote capacity from a home office.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence.
  • Experience engaging, influencing, and working collaboratively with a variety of stakeholders across different interests.
  • Self-motivated, entrepreneurial, and a passion for change-making.
  • Organized and results-oriented.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Solid computer skills in Windows environment, including MS Office.
  • Team player who desires working in an environment where working as a team is valued and practiced.
  • Demonstrated ability to perform well in fast-paced environment.
  • Ability to work occasional evenings/weekends is required.

Compensation and benefits

  • Compensation for an initial scope of 48 weeks of work over 12 months will be $80,000 to $100,000, excluding travel and incidental expenses, depending on education and experience.
  • Reimbursement for reasonable travel and incidental expenses that are incurred in provision of contract deliverables will be provided.
  • Access to Fresh Energy IT support (as needed) as well as Zoom and Microsoft Teams accounts and one Fresh Energy email account.
  • Fresh Energy email address and printed Fresh Energy/Midwest Building Decarbonization Coalition business cards.
  • We foster a respectful, inclusive, collaborative, and fun work environment.

Our hiring process and timeline

  • The contract will remain open until filled with priority given to applications received on or before June 1, 2021.
  • Our hiring team will select finalists for an initial 30 minute interview via video conference or over the phone.
  • Finalists will be invited back for an approximately 60 minute second-round interview, also via video conference or phone; at that time, we will ask for three references and two work samples relevant to this contract e.g. a professional writing sample, or other relevant materials.
  • Ideally the selected candidate would begin work in early- to mid-June 2021.
  • Fresh Energy’s Equal Opportunity Employer Policy reflects our commitment to ensure equality, treat everyone with respect, and promote diversity in the workplace.

To apply
Email cover letter and resume to the Fresh Energy Hiring Team at with the subject line “Manager of Building Policy and Technology, Midwest BDC.” Please include cover letter and resume in one PDF document with your name as the title. No phone calls, please.