Location: Terrell, TX

Consultation Services for Quality of Life Audit

RFQ Submittal Date: 5:00 pm on June 30, 2021

Reference Information:
Quality of Life Audit and Workforce Presentation

The City of Terrell (the City) is issuing a Request for Qualifications for a firm to assist in scoping and providing a Quality of Life Audit. It is recognized that a Quality of Life Audit is a new concept and this effort will involve collaboration between the City and the firm to create a new methodology and sequence for a new City advisory product idea.

A preliminary task list is included and the responding firm should demonstrate a track record in performing similar tasks in different contexts. Background is shown in the attached presentation by the City to a joint meeting of the City Council, School Board and Economic Development Corporation. It is expected that the winning firm will work with the City to refine and further specify the preliminary task list in order to best achieve the desired outcomes. The desired project outcomes are:

  • To develop a profile of the target workforce the community wishes to attract/retain.
  • To identify community quality of life factors that are associated with attracting/retaining a talented workforce.
  • To assess how Terrell currently scores in terms of these QOL factors.
  • To identify key deficiencies and prioritize steps the City can take to improve outcomes in these areas.

The City desires that the firm conduct the audit from the point of view of the workforce that Terrell hopes to attract in the next 10 years. It is the City’s intention to use the audit to set short‐term and long‐term goals, so the results should be not only identify shortcomings, but also identify steps for improvement.

Preferred Qualifications

  1. Experience with health, economic, education and real estate analytics and research.
  2. Experience designing survey, ranking and customer feedback mechanisms, including the reporting and monitoring of such factors in both a deep data availability format and a policy‐level “dashboard” format.
  3. Experience with conducting one on one interviews and focus groups, including experience with summarizing consolidated input from diverse points of view in an unbiased final product.
  4. Experience with communities, neighborhoods and what makes some areas attract and retain a long‐term population as opposed to a transient population.
  5. Experience with the inner workings of Texas Municipal Governments and work with the staff, the stakeholders and the elected officials of a diverse and historic Texas city.

Please submit the five (5) copies of the Statement of Qualifications by 5:00 pm on June 30, 2021 to:
City of Terrell
Attn: City Secretary
201 E. Nash Street
Terrell, TX 75160

The City will not engage with potential interested firms during the RFQ process. However, if there are specific questions regarding the RFQ, you may contact the City Secretary at 972‐551‐6600, ext 1430 or at

Award Criteria and Selection Process
The City will evaluate all Statements of Qualification’s submitted. We anticipate interviews will be scheduled with a small number of firms or teams prior to making a final selection, but will depend on the RFQ response. We anticipate key areas of consideration will include:

  • Experience of the firm with similar projects, including local knowledge and prior experience with Texas cities.
  • Demonstrated understanding of the Quality of Life Project including the need to perform the project in a cost effective manner.
  • Identification of innovative approaches and solutions to key project issues.
  • Resume and experience of proposed staff.
  • References and record of previous budget/schedule project performance for similar projects.
  • Willingness and demonstrated ability to work expediently to meet deadlines and be available for this effort.

The City will exercise discretion in selecting a firm or team. The award will be made by the City Council after negotiation of a contract in accordance with the City’s selection process. The City reserves the right to award a contract to the firm that, in the sole judgment of the City, best serves the community’s interest. The City reserves the right to reject any and all proposals, to waive minor irregularities in proposals, or to negotiate minor deviations with the successful firm.

Anticipated Scope of Work
The scope of services for the selected Consultant will likely include items listed below within the project limits:

Task 1 – Confirm profile for target workforce
Work with City team to define the workforce target. In general, this should be parents of children 10 and younger or individuals at an age that they are likely to have children enter the school system in the future, and those adults should have a set of professional, education or technical/trade related achievements or certifications that indicate they will value educational attainment and eventually seek homeownership.

Task 2 – Identify candidate QOL factors relevant to target workforce
Using the target future workforce identified in Task 1, conduct both a literature review and interview / focus groups with a diverse set of members of the target group with the goal of identifying and summarizing major quality of life factors and themes important to the target future workforce that can be used as the audit factors. This draft should include a “long‐form” version of the rubric with an “unfiltered” number of variables.

Task 3 – Provide initial factors and rubric for City staff and stakeholder review
Utilizing the results of Task 2, create a draft Quality of Life rubric for City of Terrell staff review and review by other stakeholders. This will be the basis for developing an audit instrument with a clear list of Quality of Life variables. Each variable should have individual scoring criteria in a 0 to 10 format. A zero (0) representing absence of the City to have that variable or a failure of the provider(s) of that variable to perform effectively. A five (5) representing average or “par” and a ten (10) representing the highest level of excellence in that element of quality of life The instrument should be easy understand a result in a collapsed or averaged final score in both an A,B,C format and a 100‐90, 89‐80, etc. format.

Task 4 – Present final factors and rubric to City and partners
Create an updated Quality of Life Audit rubric based on the interviews and small‐scale focus groups. This should be limited to a manageable number of top quality of life variables of highest importance to the target workforce and provided to the City for review with a variety of stakeholders. Prior to finalizing the instrument, the instrument shall be presented and explained to the City and its partners.

Task 5 – Assemble review panel to score Terrell using QOL factors and rubric
Assemble a review panel of individuals in the target workforce to score the City utilizing the instrument. It is envisioned that this group would be a mix of Terrell residents, Terrell High School graduates who are not residents and individuals with no prior connection to Terrell. This step should facilitate the review panel spending the time in Terrell necessary to provide an effective review. The overall review panel should be limited in size yet still provide for a diversity of participants.

Task 6 – Develop and present final report and assessment results
Need to create a final report documenting all steps and the results thereof. This step should include not just reporting but also advising remedial actions and priorities based on the results of Task 6. A part of the final report shall also include marketing recommendations so that the city can initiate a marketing initiative immediately. A draft shall be provided to staff for review and a subsequent final report shall be presented to the City and its partners. The results should also be provided in a digital dashboard fashion.