Location: Winona, MN

Request for Proposals for the Comprehensive Plan Update for the City of Winona

RFP Submittal Date: June 4, 2021

Link to Request for Proposal:

Project Overview
The purpose of the project is to update the City of Winona's Comprehensive Plan, last updated in 2007, looking to the year 2045. The Comprehensive Plan update will focus on:

  • Developing a Vision for Winona
    • A picture of Winona after successful implementation of the Comprehensive Plan
    • What does Winona grow into in 2045 and what is the associated growth plan to achieve that vision?
  • Identify City Values and Develop a City Values Statement
    • What are Winonans' cherished values and principles?

The Consultant will need to address 10 key topics in the plan (with equity, technology and sustainability incorporated into each):

1. Land Use and Development
(e.g. Updated growth and density: potential expansion in township areas (complementary development: future public buildings): infill development in the Mankato/Menards/Walmart area, Junction St, etc: downtown - build off the Downtown Strategic Plan, continued development of riverfront and riverfront trail: note potential redevelopment areas: address available Land for industrial development)

2. Housing and Neighborhoods
(e.g. Updated demographics: increased housing choice: Neighborhood character areas - e.g. West End, West Central, Winona State University area, East Central, East End, Lakes Area, Valley and Bluff Top Subdivisions)

3. Economic Development
(e.g. Competitive edge, workforce, childcare, recreation, Livability, alternative energy, physical development: riverfront development: commercial harbor: diversified business base)

4. Environment
(e.g. Reference Natural Resource and Sustainability Plan, alternative energy: climate change: water resources, stormwater management, open space, etc.)

5. Transportation
(e.g. Reference Complete Street Plan; update for projects completed: include MnDOT projects; focus on ability to implement: transit, airport, water traffic: pedestrian safety: City streets: rail and impact on other transportation systems; reinvestment in aging infrastructure)

6. Historic Preservation
(e.g. Intrinsic value of historic resources in our community, connection to economic development and reinvestment in the core of the City, connection to neighborhood identities and development practices)

7. Accessible Government
(e.g. Increasing participation and representation on City Boards/Council: Incorporating technology to increase efficiency and access: vision, mission, and values statement for Winona City government and individual departments)

8. Arts and Culture
(Reference Arts Plan)

9. Park and Recreation
(Reference Parks Plan and Bluffs Traverse Plan; minor updates for park development/maintenance, connections through the community; the City's role in recreation)

10. Transformative Projects
(Large/Complex projects that cover multiple sections and may be time and place specific)

A minimum of two additional sections are anticipated to be included through the public engagement process and as budget permits. Various sub plans (e.g. Arts Plan, Parks Plan) are to referenced in topic areas. The City desires the ability to make changes to these plans without needing to formally amend the Comprehensive Plan. The topic areas are interrelated and outcomes should be support each other. Winona's unique elements such as its commercial harbor and marinas, environmentally sensitive Karst geology and bluffscape and its aging infrastructure, housing stock, and historic resources should be considered throughout.

Public engagement will be in partnership with Engage Winona, a local non-profit focusing on community response and engagement whose seminal 2015 Engage Winona Report has spurred change in the community. A summary describing Engage Winona's role in the project is attached to this document. Engage Winona's work may be accessed at their website: