Location: Oklahoma City, OK

Request for Proposals for Redevelopment Site in OCURA’s Harrison-Walnut Urban Renewal Plan Area

RFP Submittal Date: July 30, 2021

Link to Request for Proposal:

The OKLAHOMA CITY URBAN RENEWAL AUTHORITY (“OCURA”) invites the submission of written proposals from qualified developers (“Redeveloper”) for the purchase and redevelopment of land owned by OCURA for urban residential development bounded by NE 1st Street, NE 2nd Street, Russell M. Perry, and Main Street (shown in Figure 1), more specifically described and depicted on EXHIBIT A. The site (“Redevelopment Site”) has been platted according to the Final Plat of The Hill at Bricktown Section 3 recorded in the land records of Oklahoma County, Oklahoma (“Plat”), a copy of which is attached as EXHIBIT A-1. The Redevelopment Site, as platted, currently consists of 66 platted lots in total, of approximately 121,993 developable square feet of land, in addition to common area H and a portion of Common Area C.

The Redevelopment Site is located in the Deep Deuce District of Oklahoma City and is a part of OCURA’s Harrison-Walnut Urban Renewal Plan Area. Immediately to the west of the Redevelopment Site, is a previously developed single-family townhome community, known as The Hill, which has been improved to include 88 two- and three-story, privately-owned townhomes, streets, parking areas, sidewalks, landscaping, lighting, a perimeter wall, common areas, and amenities such as a clubhouse and pool. EXHIBIT A-4 shows existing images of The Hill.

Originally, the Redevelopment Site was planned to be developed as an extension of this existing townhome community, adding 66 more townhomes in The Hill (for a total of 154 townhomes). As a result, NE 2nd Street, NE 1st Terrace and NE 1st Street have been fully constructed. Figure 2 shows a current ownership map based on the Plat identifying the OCURA land available for redevelopment (the Redevelopment Site), the property that has been previously developed, and the publicly dedicated streets. EXHIBIT A-5 shows existing images of the Redevelopment Site.

OCURA is offering the Redevelopment Site for urban residential development. Preference will be given to for-sale products. Unit type and density may vary from the existing townhomes in The Hill, to the extent permitted by PUD-1132 (EXHIBIT A-2). OCURA is willing to consider a request to re-zone and/or replat the Redevelopment Site if a need is demonstrated. The architectural and aesthetic integrity of the proposed redevelopment should be compatible with and complement the existing townhomes in The Hill. The development of the Redevelopment Site should also contribute to the continued growth, density and vibrancy of the Deep Deuce District.

Pre-submission Meeting Date: Friday, April 30, 2021 at 10:00 a.m.

The pre-submission meeting will be held by teleconference. To participate, the pre-submission meeting can be accessed online at:; or by dialing +1-346-248-7799; Meeting ID: 819 5427 4271; Passcode: 1. Attendance is recommended but not mandatory.

RFP Responses Due: Friday, July 30, 2021 at 3:00 p.m. at the offices of:
Oklahoma City Urban Renewal Authority
105 N. Hudson Street, Suite 101
Oklahoma City, OK 73102

Responses may be submitted via email and/or mail. A Good Faith Deposit of $25,000 must be submitted with the proposal. The RFP narrative describes the specific submittal requirements.

Contact Person for Questions Concerning this RFP: Cassi Poor, Director of Real Estate Development,