Location: Minneapolis, MN

Business Association Manager / Director

Salary: $55,000 - $75,000, depending on experience

Closing: April 14, 2021

The Musicant Group
The Musicant Group is a purpose-driven interdisciplinary firm dedicated to “creating places where people want to be.” We are actively pioneering a more holistic approach to the creation of place that integrates events, communications, design, community engagement, and management systems. Through this approach, we are growing a new type of community building practice that prioritizes the human experience in place and the connection to one-another. In joining us, you’ll be part of a team that’s living our values, making systemic change, and having fun while doing it.

As a company our values are to:

  • Treat everyone as a leader
  • Foster continuous improvement of ourselves, our organization, and the communities we serve
  • Advance placemaking practices by demonstrating a better way
  • Create community through relationships and cycles of gift giving

The Musicant Group team members are:

  • Passionate about our work
  • Care about each other and the people and places that we serve
  • Growth minded

Strong candidates will be motivated and energized by:

  • The process of changemaking (a must)
  • Building community and culture within commercial and public spaces
  • Supporting the growth of our organization and team members
  • Collaborating with an interdisciplinary team

Role Description
The Business District Manager is charged with ensuring the success of the business association(s) and the district(s) they serve as their fractional manager/director. While this is a new role for our firm, it builds upon years of our nationally recognized practice serving commercial districts and activating spaces. This is an exciting opportunity to support small businesses, create vibrant community experiences, and elevate the practice of business district management regionally.

In this role you’ll be leading one or more business district associations as part of our team that includes event, communication, community engagement, and urban planning specialists. Your purview will encompass organizing small-business community activations, effective promotions, curating seasonal decor, festival planning, board governance, financial and strategic planning, and more! You’ll be at the heart of bringing people together, supporting small businesses and cultivating community.

Specific responsibilities will include:

  • Membership engagement
  • Staffing, managing, and supporting the recruitment to the board and committees
  • Ensuring the financial success of client organizations through securing membership dues, sponsorships, and events
  • Financial management including: budget creation, projection, AP/AR, and reporting
  • Creating and adhering to annual plans and budgets
  • Setting direction and collaborating with colleagues to produce events, activations, marketing, promotions, and other initiatives to support the business district’s goals and objectives.
  • Serving as the public spokesperson and point of contact for client organizations
  • Ensuring the success of a signature festival in partnership with our Event Manager
  • Supporting or leading projects where we provide advising and planning services for other commercial districts
  • Other responsibilities as identified

Skills and Experience
We are open to a range of experience levels, from Manager to Director. Higher levels of responsibility and compensation will be considered for candidates with a demonstrated ability to manage more responsibilities as well as generate additional business. We welcome applications from across these experience spectrums.

The more of the following skills and experiences demonstrated, the more strength it lends your application:

  • 5-7 years of professional experience in non-profit or business management
  • Experience reporting to or managing a board of directors
  • Board Service
  • Budget, projections, and financial management - experience with Quickbooks a plus
  • Managerial experience in one or more of the following fields: association or public space management, urban planning,, hospitality, retail, real estate and/or placemaking
  • Demonstrated ability to set strategic agendas to achieve shared success for multiple stakeholders
  • Demonstrated ability to work with individuals from diverse backgrounds, demonstrating sensitivity to the needs and experiences of a diverse staff and constituent base

$55,000 - $75,000 salary, depending on experience
Benefits include: health care insurance, maternal/paternal leave, generous vacation policy, and technology support.

First round of applications will be reviewed on April 14
While the position is open until filled, our goal is to have the person start by late April

To Apply
Please submit the following to:
Max Musicant, President

  • Resume
  • A 1-page cover letter stating:
    • Why you feel called to this role
    • What unique skills and approaches you would bring to this role