Location: Austin, Texas

Complete Communities Division Manager (Capital Program Consultant classification)

Anticipated Pay Range: $39.54 – $52.39 depending on experience

Job posting close date: 03/16/2020

Location: 5202 E Ben White Blvd, Suite 450, Austin Tx 78741

Are you interested in helping to make Austin’s Corridors livable, walkable, safe and transit-supportive while promoting healthy, equitable, complete communities? If so, please apply for the Complete Communities Division Manager in the City’s Corridor Program Office. Our goal is to strategically leveraging transportation improvement bond dollars to extend the scope of our projects so that together we can amplify the community, culture, and the mobility experience along 50 miles of roadway in Austin. This position with work with internal and external executives, forge relationships with potential partners, funders and capital delivery professionals as we work to deliver mobility, placemaking and placekeeping projects.

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