City of Charleston
Close date: 
Thursday, December 19, 2019

Location: Charleston, SC

Developers for Northbridge Gateway 14 Sumar St.

Project Description:

The City is seeking to prequalified vendors that have a demonstrated ability to enter into public private partnerships for suburban redevelopment. 14 Sumar Street is an underdeveloped gateway site within Charleston’s West Ashley area. Located at the intersection of Sam Rittenberg Boulevard (SC 7), Old Towne Road (SC 171), Sumar Street is a triangular parcel with direct access from two major arterial roadways. The site also has direct connection to Interstate 26, is equidistant from Charleston International Airport and Charleston Downtown Peninsula (See Attachment B: Vicinity Map). This unique setting presents an unparalleled opportunity to participate in Charleston’s economic growth, sensitive suburban redevelopment strategies and the creation of a facility for regional change.


The City’s goal is to achieve a mixed use development project of the highest quality and to establish excellence through design, materials and workmanship. The scale, massing, and design of the project are of the utmost concern to the City of Charleston. The project will exemplify high regard for the immediate context of the site, as well as the challenge and opportunity of designing 21st Century architecture that is a positive complement to its suburban surroundings. It will represent one of the finest examples of urban and architectural design.

Scope of Work Requested:

The teams should provide examples of successful investment, redevelopments, and public private partnerships that they have entered into in the past. The City is seeking teams that have fully integrated staffing such as development experts, certified engineers, and architects. Additional information is found in the attachments.

Response Checklist:

LETTER OF PROPOSAL: Specifying the nature and content of the submittal.
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Outlining the development team and the scope of the proposed project along with a general redevelopment concept description.
PORTFOLIOS OF WORK: Teams must submit design portfolios illustrating similar successful developments. The portfolio shall include but is not limited to documentation of successful partnerships, metrics to show the financial impact of the projects, timeline of the implementation, and the conditions of the public private partnership. These documents shall illustrate the qualification components as specified above as well as any additional information deemed necessary by the project team. All sheets shall identify the project team on the front of each drawing.

PARTICIPANT LIST: A statement identifying all parties that will be participating in the project, including developer, architect, engineer and financing entities. This should include:

  • Information relative to the firms and their capabilities to complete the project.
  • Organizational chart listing key personnel to be assigned to the project, their resumes and related experience.
  • List of previous similar projects, especially those relating to suburban retrofit and redevelopment.

A reviewed financial statement indicating financial capability to complete the project. This should include equity available to the Proposer, sources and amounts of financing and a statement from a lender or other such entity establishing the Proposer’s ability to obtain such financing. At its sole discretion, the City reserves the right to require additional documents demonstrating Proposer’s ability to meet the requirements of this RFQ. Also, the Proposer must indicate if they have ever defaulted on a contract or been denied a bid due to non-responsibility to perform within the last 5 years. If so, provide the facts and circumstances surrounding such denial.


This RFQ does not commit City of Charleston to select a consultant, to pay any costs incurred in the preparation of this request, or to produce or contract for services. City of Charleston reserves the right to accept or reject any or all RFQs received as a result of this request, or to modify or cancel in part or in its entirety the RFQ if it is determined the best interest of the organization to do so.

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