City of Kingston, NY
Close date: 
Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Location: Kingston, NY

Consulting Service to Replace Municipal Zoning Code with a Land Use Plan


The City of Kingston, New York is issuing a request for proposals (RFP) from qualified consultants to replace the City's land use and planning regulations. This project will result in a complete replacement and modernization of the code to provide clarity, improve overall functionality, and achieve greater sensitivity to the fabric and character of Kingston.

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RFP Contact Person:

The Contact person for this project is Brian J. Woltman. All RFP questions and/or inquiries should be directed to him. He may be reached at:
Telephone: (845) 334-3943

Proposals Due Date:

All proposals must be delivered to the office of the City of Kingston Purchasing Department by Tuesday, November 26, 2019 at 11:00 A.M. after which they will be publicly opened. No proposals shall be accepted or considered after that time. It is the responsibility of each offeror to ensure that their proposal arrives on time.

Questions must be submitted using the form on page 20 by Tuesday at 4pm. The Receipt Confirmation form on the second page should also be submitted.

Project Goals:

  • Promote and encourage historic preservation through supporting the goals of the Landmarks Commission and Kingston Heritage Area Commission through their work with the National Historic Register, State and Local (NHR) historic districts, individually listed structures, structures and sites deemed eligible for the NHR as well as with respect to neighborhood character, including incorporating Certified Local Government model law and key aspects of historic preservation;
  • Provide a straightforward and easy-to-interact-with land use planning process from application to certificate of occupancy;
  • Encourage development of mixed-use structures and adaptive reuse of existing structures;
  • Promote use of mass transit and other low-carbon-impact methods of transportation, especially walkable and bikeable communities; 
  • Incentivize housing production for all income levels throughout the City;
  • Incentivize affordable housing production (low, moderate and workforce) in all housing projects throughout the City;
  • Encouraging rental use as permanent housing by implementing special use regulation on short term rentals;
  • Strongly discourage vacant commercial space. Use the code to promote the use of space over vacancy including the use of HTCs for commercial structures;
  • Encourage urban agriculture;
  • Require low-impact development;
  • Ensure storm water runoff and erosion protection; 
  • Promote daylighting of waterways where applicable;
  • Discourage the use of impervious surfaces;
  • Maintain, preserve and promote scenic views;
  • When developing previously undeveloped land, promote cluster development and preservation of continuous tracts of land;
  • Promote public/private partnerships to create spaces for public use;
  • Require the use of energy-efficient building techniques and promote the use of renewable sources of energy;
  • Ensure that development in flood prone areas is constructed in a way that it is resilient to the damages of flooding and minimizes adverse environmental impacts in the event of a flood without discouraging building in these economically stimulating areas;
  • Promote a more environmentally responsible, green community as described in Proposed Open Space Plan and Kingston Climate Action Plan.

Click Here To View And Download The Full RFP