Close date: 
Friday, October 25, 2019

Location: London, Ontario, Canada

“Consulting Services for ReThink Zoning (Phase One)”


London, Ontario, Canada is now accepting proposals to transform London’s zoning approach and implement the London Plan. Calling all creative, collaborative, and savvy consultants who understand city building, public policy, community engagement, and development economics to consider partnering with us on this important project.

The London Plan sets the direction for how our city will grow over the next 20 years, but it is more than an official plan. It is a community vision that covers all aspects of city building. It is a call to improve the way London grows to be more sustainable, increase economic prosperity, protect the natural environmental, and build great neighbourhoods.

The use, intensity, and form of new development is critical to achieving the vision of great places that is established in the London Plan, and the way we apply zoning in London is an inherent piece of realizing that vision. ReThink Zoning is the process that the City has outlined to prepare the new zoning by-law for London.

Please go to Bids and Tenders on for more information about this project or to submit a question to the project team. Bids will be received until October 25, 2019. To register for this Bid go to the following web address: