Close date: 
Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Location: Newport, RI

“North End Urban Plan”


The City of Newport, RI seeks proposals for studying, analyzing and creating a detailed North End Urban Plan, including the Newport Pell Bridge ramp system land area, to inform City and State investments and regulatory controls. The goal is for the final plan to be adopted into the Newport comprehensive plan by reference. The plan will be for municipal planning purposes only and will assist the Newport City Council in developing appropriate land use regulations for the area.

The successful respondent shall develop and furnish a detailed urban design “look and feel” for Newport’s North End (fully supported by drawings, maps, narrative, tables, and charts). The plan shall be reflective of Newport’s impressive history, while proposing new building types, street layouts, urban and recreational spaces, and architecture to reflect modern times and needs, including resiliency in a low-lying coastal area. The City controls much of the land in the area and is intending to acquire the surplus expressway land for dense urban subdivision and development. The plan shall provide opportunities for dense, diverse, party-wall development by small owner-operators that creates a lively street life enjoyed by the public. The plan shall accommodate bridge traffic without severe diminishment to the street experience. Newport strives to impress its cultural relevance in the region. This plan shall be a bold statement for twenty-first century American living that will connect the North End with downtown Newport, healing their separation by an elevated expressway for the last half-century.

Public participation is essential to the planning process. The successful respondent shall work with City staff and community stakeholders to establish a drop-in facility for project updates, support community meetings discussing aspects of the plan, and shall be available for the three requisite meetings for adoption. An innovative, thorough engagement process directed towards achieving the Purpose shall be conducted. This engagement should target property owners, residents, businesses, local developers, and other interested parties. This engagement shall be interactive and include a variety of forms of outreach (print, digital/social media, in person events/tabling). A principal challenge will be easing community fears around development and change. The plan should present possible community benefits to be provided by developers.

Respondents should include a dynamic team with demonstrated expertise in the following areas:

urban design, landscape, architecture, streets, parking, traffic, stormwater, floodplain design, renewable energy generation, and public engagement processes. Resumes and project examples should clearly demonstrate this expertise.

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