City of Memphis and Shelby County Redevelopment Agency
Close date: 
Thursday, December 28, 2017

Location: Memphis, TN

Executive Director

The Agency seeks an Executive Director to administer and manage existing and new Community Redevelopment Areas funded through Tax Increment Financing (TIF). The Executive Director will be the principal officer of the Agency and is responsible for its overall administration, financial management, and day-to-day activities. The Executive Director will provide leadership and expertise as she/he reports to the Agency Board as well as City and County administrations. The Executive Director will work with the Board and its Committees to develop sound work plans that translate the Agency’s core purpose and vision into realistic goals and objectives. 

The Agency seeks applicants who can both operate and manage complex redevelopment activities within current Community Redevelopment Area boundaries as well as identify opportunities for new possible redevelopment areas. The Community Redevelopment Agency is guided by state legislation passed by the Tennessee General Assembly on April 29, 1998 (as amended). 

The Agency is instrumental in the ongoing rehabilitation of the Uptown neighborhood, for example, with over 850 homes and apartments built and 30,000 square feet of roads sidewalks and alleyways improved in the past 15 years. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital has recently announced $1 Billion facilities expansion and plans to hire 1,800 new employees. This expansion is expected to result in additional investment of private and public funding for infrastructure improvements, housing and commercial real estate development. Since a current TIF district serves the area around St. Jude it is anticipated that the Agency will be instrumental in the additional investments. 

Specific expectations of the Executive Director position include: 

  1. Prepare and recommend an annual Agency plan and operating budget which is complete, attainable and consistent with the goals and objectives established by the Board. 
  2. Oversee construction projects to further the approved redevelopment plans. 
  3. Assure adherence to these plans, maintaining all organizational records and provide the Board with periodic management reports, operating statements and cost and program analyses. 
  4. Prepare and recommend Redevelopment Area Plans to the Board and to City and County Legislative Bodies. 
  5. Implement approved Redevelopment Area Plans and assure that Redevelopment Trust Fund monies are dispersed consistent with approved plans and in a manner consistent with Federal, State and local laws. 
  6. Advocate as a spokesperson and liaison on behalf of the Agency and members to public agencies, as well as other civic, community and professional organizations. 
  7. Oversee the administration of the agency in accordance with all applicable laws of the State of Tennessee, Shelby County and the city of Memphis, including the establishment of by-laws and procedures and protocols for each envisioned service, as well as standard procedures for procurement of all goods and services, the issuance of requests for qualifications and/or proposals, and the monitoring and maintenance of all vendor, contractor and consultant relationships. 
  8. Seek out methods to continuously improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization and its programs and to expand revenue sources if needed. 
  9. Compile and update on a regular basis an area member profile as well as the overall community profile and information needed to track changes and anticipate modification of existing programming and the development of new strategies for managing the success of the Redevelopment Areas. 
  10. Cultivate and maintain effective relationships with businesses, residents, property owners, public officials, community leaders and the media. 
  11. Manage and oversee all communications, including relations with area property owners, institutions and residents, general public and media requests, annual report, newsletters, Agency website and social media. 
  12. Manage and oversee all necessary staff, consultants and contractors. 
  13. Set and maintain high standards of quality (i.e. accuracy, thoroughness and degree of excellence in work) for the Agency’s programs. 
  14. Present project status updates to the Agency Board at its monthly Board meeting, and present to the Agency Board's committees as necessary. 
  15. Perform other functions that may be deemed appropriate by the Agency Board. 


The ideal candidate must have a thorough understanding of the function and role of place-based redevelopment agencies within a Memphis/Shelby County context. 

A highly energetic, creative self-starter who is well organized, and capable of functioning effectively in a very independent situation is well suited for this position; the Executive Director will function in a team context intended to leverage available assets, so the ability to conceptualize and help organize and lead working partnerships is a plus. Excellent verbal and written communication skills are essential, and good judgment is a must. 

Other required qualifications include: 

  • A Bachelor's degree is required. 
  • At least 5 years of experience working in some combination of the following areas: government, public policy, politics, real-estate, economic development, finance, architecture, or urban planning. 
  • Experience in real estate and planning related research and market analysis, construction project management, and strong decision-making and analytical skills is highly desirable. 
  • Significant leadership experience in the public, private or nonprofit sectors, and success in strategic planning, fundraising and problem-solving. 
  • Substantive administrative, contract management and financial management experience with strong organizational skills and ability to prioritize projects to meet required deadlines. 
  • Excellent computer skills (minimum Word and Excel); GIS and graphics software and QuickBooks is a plus, as well as experience in social media. 
  • Ability to develop, maintain, and strengthen relationships with others inside and outside of the organization who can provide information, assistance and support. Stakeholders may include real estate developers, property owners, neighborhood residents, community boards, advocacy groups, elected officials, government agencies, and not-for-profit organizations.   

Compensation commensurate with experience
Please Contact:
McKinley “Mack” Martin
CRA Chairman