• South Main | Buena Vista, Colorado
    An inspiring town extension. #thisiscnu

    Build Great Places / #thisiscnu

  • Ponce City Market | Atlanta
    A unique building becomes a hub for historic neighborhoods. #thisiscnu

    Build Great Places / #thisiscnu

  • Village of Providence | Huntsville, Alabama
    Expanding options for a car-oriented suburban area. #thisiscnu

    Build Great Places / #thisiscnu

  • Mercado District | Tucson, Arizona
    A timeless place from the ground up. #thisiscnu

    Build Great Places / #thisiscnu

  • Storrs Center | Mansfield, CT
    A mixed-use center for town and gown. #thisiscnu

    Build Great Places / #thisiscnu

Why Sponsor CNU 25.Seattle?

Every year, our Congress brings together over 1,500+ individuals from across North America and around the world for an immersive placemaking experience that challenges and transforms their work.

Sponsoring the Congress is about more than just a logo on a screen—it’s a demonstration of leadership that moves conversations forward and creates positive momentum around major local issues. Sponsors can leverage Congress programming to meet their own goals: supporting local government and businesses’ continued learning, catalyzing local community engagement through visioning exercises, or connecting community leaders with design professionals in the areas of health, education, development, and transportation. 

CNU 25 sponsors receive online and print recognition, Congress registrations, CNU memberships, special event invitations, and social media mentions. Sponsors have the choice to provide general support or underwrite (wholly or a portion of) a specific Congress element.

Sponsorship Levels

Supports: Opening & Closing Nights, Charter Awards, Congress Inclusivity & Engagement Initiative, Legacy Charrette Program, Congress Tech, VIP Reception, Plenary Sessions, CNU Forums, Receptions

20 4-day registrations

Supports: Legacy Charrette Program, Congress Tech, VIP Reception, Plenary Sessions, CNU Forums, Receptions

15 4-day registrations

Supports: Plenary Sessions, CNU Forums, Receptions

10 4-day registrations

Supports one of the following: One Legacy Charrette, Scholarship Package, CNU Member-Led Working Session

6 4-day registrations

Supports one of the following: Scholarship Package, Congress Bags, Neighborhood-Led Session

4 4-day registrations

Supports one of the following: Neighborhood Tour, Badges, Lanyards

2 4-day registrations


Custom sponsorship packages are available at all levels, including $2,500 and below. Please email Abby Sheridan (asheridan@cnu.org) for details.