• South Main | Buena Vista, Colorado
    An inspiring town extension. #thisiscnu

    Build Great Places / #thisiscnu

  • Mercado District | Tucson, Arizona
    A timeless place from the ground up. #thisiscnu

    Build Great Places / #thisiscnu

  • Ponce City Market | Atlanta
    A unique building becomes a hub for historic neighborhoods. #thisiscnu

    Build Great Places / #thisiscnu

  • Storrs Center | Mansfield, CT
    A mixed-use center for town and gown. #thisiscnu

    Build Great Places / #thisiscnu

  • Village of Providence | Huntsville, Alabama
    Expanding options for a car-oriented suburban area. #thisiscnu

    Build Great Places / #thisiscnu


CNU XV brought a movement with a 15-year record of progress to one of America's great redeveloping cities to focus on the formidable challenges of renewing older places. With New Urbanism currently at the center of some of the most innovative work happening in coding reform, transportation design, post-disaster renewal, and green neighborhood development, the Congress gave ample attention to all of these topics. With its focus "New Urbanism and The Old City," the 15th Congress hosted seminars, tours, and discussions that range from timeless principles and techniques that shape walkable, human-scaled development to the latest strategies on challenges ranging from modern retail formats to affordable housing and foreign oil dependency.

CNU XV buzzed with excitement right up to the last session at which Ed Mazria and Scott Bernstein discussed the built environment's role in global warming. Reaching out to urbanists to help him broaden the strategies in his Architecture 2030 challenge, Mazria earned a standing ovation from the Sunday morning plenary audience. CNU also unveiled a new Strategic Plan (PDF), approved by the CNU board on May 16, 2007, emphasizing the link between urbanism and sustainability, along with related priorities such as better engaging New Urbanism at the regional scale, removing professional and regulatory barriers to good urbanism, promoting the benefits of New Urbanism strategically, and supporting member-based efforts. Both the plan and the Congress as a whole lined up to build serious momentum towards progress on issues affecting new urbanism at scales ranging from the buidling and block to the globe.

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