• Syracuse I-81 teardown would save money, buildings

    The State of New York is nearing a decision on whether to demolish or rebuild the aging elevated I-81 expressway through downtown Syracuse, and the city’s daily newspaper, the Post-Standard, thinks the highway will be replaced by a surface boulevard. Governor Andrew Cuomo has signaled support for...Read more
  • Big safety benefits from transit

    Commuters cut crash risk by more than 90 percent when taking public transit instead of driving, and investment in transit may reduce a community’s automobile crash risk in half, according to research.
    The most effective life-saving traffic safety tool for a commuter and a community may be the daily metro transit pass, according to a study released by the American Public Transportation Association (APTA). A person reduces his or her chance of being in an accident by more than 90 percent by taking...Read more
  • Citizens fight wasteful urban freeway

    A diverse group is promoting "cost effective," place-creating alternatives to rebuilding an ugly freeway in Providence, Rhode Island. The current 6-10 plan "feels like they are screwing poor people, like it's urban renewal 201," says a Coalition member.
    The city doesn't want it, the neighborhoods are damaged by it, but Rhode Island Department of Transportation ) RIDOT wants to rebuild a $400 million highway interchange that divides the West Side of Providence. An urban boulevard, a more cost-effective alternative that would perform better...Read more
  • Autonomous vehicles: Hype and potential

    Autonomous rapid transit Is the best use of autonomous technology. Combined wtih high-capacity metro transit systems, this will avoid the degradation of autonomous vehicle performance from mixed-traffic flow and attract riders from private cars.
    Every new transportation technology impacts the geography of our communities and the structure of our lives. Autonomous vehicles (AV) are one such technology. Just as our freeway system or the streetcar network shaped our cities and lifestyles, AV will remake the metropolis once again. The question...Read more