• Sprawl madness

    These two suburban houses near Orlando, Florida, are about 60 feet apart, but to borrow a cup of sugar without trespassing requires a 7.1-mile trip by car—or a two-and-a-half-hour trek on foot (five hours round trip). A similar image was originally published on Streetsblog , illustrating the...Read more
  • Shared space intersections mean less delay

    Mingling of people and cars at slow speeds is efficient and pedestrian-friendly, according to a University of Connecticut study.
    Pedestrians and drivers experience less delay in “shared space” intersections where vehicles and pedestrians mingle at slow speeds with few traffic regulations, according to a University of Connecticut study. The researchers measured the performance of six shared space intersections in five...Read more
  • Bikes!

    Transportation doesn't have to be complicated.
    Many engineers, planners, politicians, and other adults assume that transportation in cities has to be complicated. Yes, some aspects might be a little complicated. However, cycling and walking are relatively simple and are accessible to most people over five-years-old. Respectively, cycling and...Read more
  • A city street is a terrible thing to waste

    To stop the killing of pedestrians on New York City Streets, we have to change the way we build our streets
    N ovember 13th—Friday the 13th—marked the 13th day in a row that a pedestrian died on a New York City Street, all killed by cars or buses going too fast. These fatalities occurred because despite all the progress New York has made since Mayor de Blasio and his DOT Commissioner Polly Trottenberg...Read more