• No infrastructure repair

    After spending two weeks driving in France, I was impressed by the quality of the roads. The asphalt surface seemed far superior to US roads, as I did not experience the rhythmic bumps that I am used to when driving in America. By US standards the cost of gasoline was exorbitant and my empirical...Read more
  • The story of walking in US cities in one graph

    This graph, from the 2016 Bicycling & Walking Benchmarking Report, released two days ago, tells you most of what you need to know about walking in US cities. The best 10 cities identified in this graph, where walking is frequent and safe, all have street grids with small blocks and streets. The...Read more
  • Sprawl madness

    These two suburban houses near Orlando, Florida, are about 60 feet apart, but to borrow a cup of sugar without trespassing requires a 7.1-mile trip by car—or a two-and-a-half-hour trek on foot (five hours round trip). A similar image was originally published on Streetsblog , illustrating the...Read more
  • Shared space intersections mean less delay

    Mingling of people and cars at slow speeds is efficient and pedestrian-friendly, according to a University of Connecticut study.
    Pedestrians and drivers experience less delay in “shared space” intersections where vehicles and pedestrians mingle at slow speeds with few traffic regulations, according to a University of Connecticut study. The researchers measured the performance of six shared space intersections in five...Read more