• Ten rules for cities about automated vehicles

    Traditional urbanism evolved over millennia to meet human needs. The adoption of AVs should not be allowed to replace time-tested places with something that would probably make our lives worse.
    Note: This article is based on a talk the author gave to the US Conference of Mayors and CNU. 1) Be afraid One of my favorite books of all time is Technopoly, The Surrender of Culture to Technology, by Neil Postman. In it Postman describes what he calls the technological imperative. What it means...Read more
  • Hamburg New York

    Great Idea: Context-based street design

    Building thoroughfares as places of beauty and social interaction requires a context-based approach to design.
    In celebration of the 25th Congress for the New Urbanism , Public Square is running the series 25 Great Ideas of the New Urbanism. These ideas have been shaped by new urbanists and continue to influence cities, towns, and suburbs. The series is meant to inspire and challenge those working toward...Read more
  • Rethinking the future of state DOTs

    Here's six ways to transform communities and revitalize our economy by repurposing state departments of transportation, which are currently organized based on an outdated 1950s model.
    The modern state Departments of Transportation (DOTs) were created, by and large, in order to build the Interstate System and associated freeways . Most American roads were dirt until several decades into the 20th Century, and the idea that we needed specialized agencies created specifically to...Read more
  • Katy Freeway

    Why urban freeway expansion is futile

    Outdated software and modeling overestimates the value of urban freeway expansions—and underestimates the effectiveness of alternatives like boulevards.
    Everyone hates freeway traffic congestion. Highway engineers promise to fix this problem by widening freeways and building new ones. For the past 80 years, engineers have been promising that the next round of freeway expansion will solve the problems. This has never worked. A few of the many...Read more