• Slow Roll

    Note: New York State announced support for, or progress on, two urban freeway teardowns in Buffalo, New York. Like most US cities, Buffalo suffered greatly from ill-considered 20th Century highways that demolished and divided neighborhoods. Now, governments are slowly rolling back the damage from...Read more
  • Florida embraces Complete Streets, a colossal task

    A comprehensive implementation guide was written to retool the machinery behind Florida's deadly streets.
    Florida recently adopted a comprehensive statewide plan to implement Complete Streets. I'll go out on a limb and say this plan is needed. Florida ranks first in the US in pedestrian fatalities nationwide. Florida is also the most dangerous state for bicyclists, according to the Centers for Disease...Read more
  • Gold in the streets of Michigan

    CNU recently completed four Legacy Charrettes in advance of CNU 24 in Detroit. On Monday through Thursday we published articles on the fascinating plans by top new urbanists. Two of the charrettes focused on city neighborhoods and other two focused on suburban downtowns and main streets. A common...Read more
  • A tail of woe

    Heinrich Kley was a German illustrator active in the early 20th Century who was noted for darkly humorous pen-and-ink drawings. He sometimes focused on the conflicts of new technologies—such as motor vehicles competing for space on city streets with pedestrians. Architectural writer David Brussat...Read more