• Vast white ring conspiracy

    As usual, Washington Post cartoonist Tom Toles was ahead of his time when he drew this in June of 1998. Toles condensed the history of race and urban demographics in the last half of the 20th Çentury into six panels. Despite a massive recession 10 years after this cartoon was drawn, the last slide...Read more
  • Walmart versus the city

    This is what urban economic analyst Joe Minicozzi calls "The Money Shot," comparing a Walmart in Asheville, NC, to a downtown mixed-use building in the same city. He puts all of these economic indicators side by side that show the relative poor performance of Walmart, which is the gold standard of...Read more
  • Urban rail

    In a first world country like America, there is no reason to have a second-rate urban rail system.
    A week ago I got to hear Peter Newman discuss his new hopeful book, The End of Automobile Dependence: How Cities are Moving Beyond Car-Based Planning . This is the final volume in a trilogy by Newman and Kenworthy on automobile dependence. Newman makes the argument that for the first time in...Read more
  • Rear-view mirror predictions on US motor travel

    For most of the 20th Century, US vehicle miles traveled (VMT) rose relentlessly. At the turn of the new millennium, the pattern changed substantially, but the view of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), did not. Above is a graph that shows FHWA's predictions for growth of motor vehicle...Read more