• From Ideas to Action: Cheaply, quickly, fairly

    Last week, sociologist David Brain outlined strategies for a Lean charrette , which is a work-in-progress concept designed to match up with Lean Urbanism strategies. Opportunist that I am, I welcome that as an excuse to try Part 2 of the charrette discussion I offered here . Also, there’s this:...Read more
  • Suburban office park must adapt or die

    High vacancy rates and little reason to visit outside of 9 to 5 contrasts with the current success of central business districts. How can office parks be transformed?
    Montgomery County, Maryland, illustrates why suburban office parks are in trouble—and why suburbs need a mixed-use and walkability makeover. Montgomery County was a bedroom community with half a million people in 1970 that included several small cities and town centers. The county has since doubled...Read more
  • Mixed-use density in a suburban center

    Building density that supports walkable urban centers is a key strategy of new urbanists—but this goal is challenging in already built-out suburbs. Existing conditions, space constraints, zoning restrictions, and long approval processes often present obstacles. Despite those barriers, Arlington,...Read more
  • A human-centered architecture for our time

    In The Humanists Versus the Reactionary Avant Garde, Charles Siegel illuminates the question of what progressive, contemporary architecture truly means.
    The Humanists Versus the Reactionary Avant Garde was sitting on a shelf in my office, awaiting review, for several weeks. I was busy, and in a chance conversation I told CNU co-founder Andres Duany that I didn’t know when I would find time to read it. “You have time for this book,” Duany assured me...Read more