• The first suburban retrofit gets a neighborhood

    After two decades, Mashpee Commons is moving forward with 300-plus residential units, more shops, and civic spaces with support from the regional planning authority.
    Transformation of the former New Seabury Shopping Center in Mashpee, Massachusetts, into a town center began 30 years ago. The early-1960s strip mall at the intersection of two state highways on Cape Cod was fading and needed refurbishment. Mashpee, a suburban municipality located between two older...Read more
  • Cleaning up a mess in Long Island City

    How landscape and urbanism came together to transform Queens Plaza—a hostile place for people on foot or bicycle.
    Note: This article is part of a collaboration between Island Press and Public Square on a series of articles based on recently published books on subjects related to urbanism. A lot of us are driven by the urge to fix damaged things, make broken things work, if not actually heal the landscape. In...Read more
  • CNU group seeks to Build a Better Burb

    The Build a Better Burb Sprawl Retrofit Council met in Miami to explore opportunities for promoting land-use diversity and transportation choice in the suburbs—with particular focus on the needs of smaller suburbs with less robust markets. A follow–up meeting will be held at CNU 24 in Detroit on...Read more
  • Appreciating small-scale New Urbanism

    For those who are concerned that too many big developers dominate urban revitalization, the Naked Philly blog is an antidote.
    I’m guilty, like a lot of writers, of focusing on the larger projects. Many articles are written on 500-unit mixed-use developments while scores of little urban projects fall under the radar. I recently checked in with the Naked Philly blog, which shows the transformation of a major city in all its...Read more