Transportation Summit 2013 Advance Reading Material

Please check out the latest summit agenda before the summit. Of course, it doesn't hurt to brush up on the Charter of the New Urbanism or to visit

Following is a list of suggested reading material to read prior to the summit:


CNU/ITE Designing Walkable Urban Thoroughfares: A Context Sensitive Approach manual.

This manual advances the successful use of context-sensitive solutions (CSS) in the planning and design of major urban thoroughfares for walkable communities. It provides guidance and demonstrates how context-sensitive design principles and techniques may be applied where community objectives support new urbanist and smart growth principles, such as walkable, connected neighborhoods, mixed land uses, and easy access for pedestrians and bicyclists.

Download manual for free here.


Sustainable Street Network Principles

CNU has compiled a set of principles and key characteristics of the sustainable street network into a document that is practical, inspirational, and beautifully illustrated. The Principles have been crafted through nearly a decade of CNU member discussion, research, and involvement. The Principles are a must-have for every traffic engineer, urban designer, urban planner, and engaged urban citizen. They outline not only why sustainable street networks are essential to a vibrant and healthy society, but also what makes a street network sustainable in the first place.

Read Network Principles online here.


Model Design Manual for Living Streets

The Model Street Design Manual was created during a 2-day writing charrette, which brought together national experts in living streets concepts. This effort was funded by the Department of Health and Human Services. This manual focuses on all users and all modes, seeking to achieve balanced street design that accommodates cars while ensuring that pedestrians, cyclists and transit users can travel safely and comfortably. This manual also incorporates features to make streets lively, beautiful, economically vibrant as well as environmentally sustainable.

Read Model Design Manual online here.



  The Charter of the New Urbanism

  Green Lane Project


   PPS Citizens Guide for Creating Great Streets

  Smart Transportation Guide for Pennsylvania & NJ

  2012 Summit - Transit Network Notes



   2012 Summit - Transportation Reform Modeling Notes



   2012 Summit - Street Vitality Index Notes



   Unplanning: Livable Cities and Politcal Choices

  Rewrite of Chapter One of the AASHTO Green Book (w/ Compact Urban Design)


   NACTO Urban Bikeway Design Guide

  Green Lane Project: Explain Your Lane

  Bicycling & Walking in the United States - 2012 Benchmarking Report

  SmartCode Bicycle Module

More reading material will be added to this list shortly. Please check back for updates.