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Transportation Summit 2013

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The 2013 CNU Transportation Summit was held in Chicago, IL, November 21-22, 2013. it brought together 70+ engineers, architects, planners, active transportation advocates, and others to address pressing transportation reforms. The notes above reflect two days of small group work, debate, and discussion with many groups' work building on years of working meetings.

CNU Transportation Summits are meetings where experts gather to challenge the status quo of transportation engineering and advance the practice of new urbanist street design. The 2013 CNU Transportation Summit was unique in both number of new participants and diversity of career fields engaged in reform. Many of the working groups will meet next in Buffalo at CNU 22, June 4-7, 2014 and then the 2014 CNU Transportation Summit the following Fall.

What Attendees Thought

CNU Transportation Summit's are unique in their format: few presentations, much time devoted to working groups. While coming to conference to work may not be ideal, you'd be surprise what this year's attendees enjoyed most about the Summit:

"The working group format makes you feel as if something actually is being accomplished other than just talk."

"Having to go through topics concerning land use planning, and the necessity for TOD (were best). In addition, the working groups allowed for plenty of opportunity to share ideas."

"Working groups were great to exchange ideas."

"The variety of people brought a lot of different great minds together to bounce ideas off of!"

"Good rapport, healthy exchange of ideas and room for disagreement."

"Diverse views. Potential for real reform."

To stay involved and updated on CNU's work in transportation, check out CNU's Project for Transportation Reform.

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