Transportation Summit 2012

A huge thank you to all of those who went "Beyond Mobility" at the 2012 CNU Transportation Summit, September 9-10, 2012 in Long Beach, CA

Over our day-and-a-half together in Long Beach, we made enormous progress through the working groups. Nearly 80 dedicated New Urbanists came together to accomplish an extraordinary amount, tackling Functional Classification Reform, Transit Networks, Highways-to-Boulevards, Street Vitality Index, Transportation Research Reform, Transportation Modeling and more.

The below links represent direct transcripts of the notes taken by the working groups at the Summit, plus notes on large group discussion on Sunday and Monday. See snapshots of the Summit by clicking here and check this page often for updates on working group progress.

  • Transportation Reform Modeling Notes
  • Transit Network Notes
  • Street Vitality Index Notes
  • Sunday Group Discussion Notes
  • Monday Group Discussion Notes

    Watch an excerpt from the Jeff Tumlin (Nelson/Nygaard) and John Horsley (AASHTO) debate.
    Click here for more videos from the discussion. (Special thanks to Dan Burden for filming.)

    Featured Speakers

    John Horsley, Executive Director of AASHTO

    Jeff Tumlin, Nelson/Nygaard Principal

    Read more about the Tumlin-Horsley debate, "Can Urbanists Help Save Highway Engineering? Can Highway Engineers Help Create Better Cities?"

    The Working Groups for the Transportation Summit 2012
  • Transit Networks
  • Highways to Boulevards
  • Transportation Reform Research Agenda
  • Regional Policy and Functional Classification Reform
  • Transportation Modeling Reform
  • Bikeway Networks
  • Street Vitality Index
  • Materials for the 2012 Transportation Summit:

  • 2012 Transportation Summit Agenda (PDF)
  • Speaker Bios

    Recommended reading:

  • CNU/ITE Designing Walkable Urban Thoroughfares Manual
  • Living Streets Manual
  • Sustainable Street Network Principles
  • All working papers from 2008 Transportation Summit Look under the heading Additional Materials
    For the Bikeway Network working group:
  • NACTO Urban Bikeway Design Guide
  • SmartCode Bicycle Module
  • Green Lane Project
  • Explain Your Lane Report
  • Rick Hall's Rewrite of Chapter One of the AASHTO Greenbook - w/ Compact Urban Design
  • Bicycling & Walking in the United States - 2012 Benchmarking Report

    Open Source Materials for the 2012 Transportation Summit:

    Past Congresses and Summits have used Open Source Technology as a means to facilitate agendas for reform. What is Open Source Technology? Please review the materials below for some background on open source technology.

  • Open Source Sign in Sheet
  • Open Source Proposal Form
  • Open Source Action Plan

    Visit the 2012 Summit FAQ page here:

  • Summit FAQ

    Click here for the CNU Transportation Summit Kickoff Reception Page

  • For information on sponsorship opportunities:

  • 2012 Transportation Summit Sponsorship Form (PDF)
  • Summit Sponsors

    Media Partners

    Recent Media on the 2012 CNU Transportation Summit

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