Transportation Summit 2009


Portland November 4-6, 2009

The summit is where CNU's multidisciplinary network of designers, planners, engineers and other experts in the field of new urbanism met to advance the latest in cutting edge transportation reforms.

The Project for Transportation Reform promotes the implementation of connected, multi-modal street networks as the answer to many of our transportation, safety, land use and urban design problems. Besides reducing carbon emissions, improved street network connectivity increases pedestrian safety, increases vehicular capacity, reduces emergency response times and creates the economic viability of cities, towns and main streets.

The 2009 summit built on the work of the 2008 Charlotte summit expanding knowledge of sustainable transportation networks. Members developed a statement of principles on Sustainable Transportation Networks. CNU members worked on a statement of Sustainable Network Principles (PDF) for ratification at the summit. Click here to read the preamble and the draft principles. Members drafted specific principles to augment and amplify the Charter of the New Urbanism for that was presented at the summit. Check out the Transportation Networks Initiative for more background

To learn about the latest research on street networks and safety, see Wesley Marshall’s presentation at CNU 17.

Read more about the Project for Transportation Reform(PDF).


Please take a moment to provide feedback on the event at this evaluation site. A link to the attendee list attendee list is included here and at the end of the survey.

Presentation Slides

All of the slideshow presentations from this year's Summit are up and ready to view! Take advantage of the opportunity to review all of the key discussions that took place in Portland.

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