adaptive re-use

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Alameda Market: A New Sustainable Urbanism

Location:  Denver, Colorado, USA Narrative & program:  The project was a submittal to a national competition in which interdisciplinary teams of students were asked to submit a d... read more »

Guo He Lou Theatre Complex

Location:  Beijing, China Narrative & program:  This project proposes a design model for the reconstruction of a traditional theater complex in the Qian men area of Beijing. It w... read more »

Artscape Wychwood Barns

Location:  Toronto, Ontario Narrative & program:  Brownfield Adaptive Re-Use of Streetcar Maintenance Barns and Storage Yards The Setting An abandoned, historic 1 acre streetcar ... read more »

YouthVille Detroit

Location:  Detroit, MI Narrative & program:  The Project is comprised of three early 20th century structures that were unified and 'reinvented' as a single two-story 85,000 squar... read more »

ReCentering and The Cannery Area Design Plan

Location:  Hayward, California Narrative & program:  Hayward is an older industrial and railroad town on San Francisco Bay, just south of Oakland. For decades, the city's cannin... read more »

University of Washington Tacoma Master Plan

Location:  Tacoma, Washington Narrative & program:  This University of Washington campus was established to provide higher education for southern Tacoma, but it is also the cente... read more »