State Street Renovation Project

Location:  Chicago, Illinois, United States Narrative & program:  State Street is one of Chicago‚Äôs most important historic urban districts. A recent intensive planning initiati... read more »

Oakwood Shores

Location:  Chicago, IL, USA Narrative & program:  This project represents the development of land owned by the Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) to replace troubled public housing ... read more »

Rowhouses of Lakewood Balmoral

Location:  Chicago, Illinois Narrative & program:  The Rowhouses of Lakewood Balmoral are an award-winning example of infill properties. Nestled between commercial and residentia... read more »

Kedzie & Rockwell Stations - Brown Line Stations

Location:  Chicago, IL Narrative & program:  Chicago has become a more desirable place to live and work in recent decades, spawning extensive neighborhood transformation and incr... read more »

Stateway Gardens Redevelopment Plan

Location:  Chicago, IL, USA Narrative & program:  The project involves replacing a failing high-rise housing project with city blocks of mixed-income housing, retail, office, a s... read more »