The Cricket Club Condos

Location:  Ardmore, PA Narrative & program:  Update: Never built as planned. The site was sold in 2010. Transit Oriented in-fill project on 12,500 s.f. site of former indsutrial ... read more »


Location:  Greensboro, NC Narrative & program:  Winner of the American Planning Association Outstanding Planning Implementation Award in 2003; Winner of the National Award for Sm... read more »

Gulfport Redevelopment Plan

Location:  Gulfport, MS Narrative & program:  This Plan presents a conceptual strategy for redeveloping many areas of the city of Gulfport, Mississippi. Such a strategy became n... read more »

Detroit School of the Arts

Location:  Detroit, MI Narrative & program:  Located in the city’s urban center, the Detroit School of Arts (DSA) is a progressive high school of choice, offering a dual-focus ... read more »

Centre Wise Lamartine

Location:  Boston, MA Narrative & program:  Mixed use building with 30 units of affordable housing in 3 floors above ground floor retail space. Located across from Jackson Squar... read more »

Belvidere Precinct

Location:  Perth, Australia Narrative & program:  This brownfield project in Perth, Australia's east side incorporates semi-detached housing centered around public green space. I... read more »

ReCentering and The Cannery Area Design Plan

Location:  Hayward, California Narrative & program:  Hayward is an older industrial and railroad town on San Francisco Bay, just south of Oakland. For decades, the city's cannin... read more »

Development Plan for Sectors A & D

Location:  Beirut, Lebanon Narrative & program:  The Development Plan provides urban planning and design for a new addition to Beirut's historic Central District. The vacant sit... read more »

Chelsea Grande

Location:  New York, New York Narrative & program:  On a neglected corner straddling the shoreline of the Hudson River, a new structure rises over the remnants of an abandoned fi... read more »