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West 7th

Location:  Fort Worth, Texas, 76107, United States of America Narrative & program:  West 7th is the infill redevelopment of approx. six city blocks in Fort Worth's Cultural Distr... read more »

Baldwin Park

Location:  Orlando, Florida Narrative & program:  This project is a traditional neighborhood development on the site of a former military training base. The development process d... read more »

East Riverfront Extension

Location:  Savannah, Georgia Narrative & program:  The City of Savannah, Georgia identified a large tract of formerly industrial vacant land along the boundary of its Historic Ci... read more »

Hertfordshire Guide to Growth - 2021

Location:  Hertfordshire, UK Narrative & program:  Hertfordshire County, immediately north of London, is the subject of a new regional planning policy called the East of England ... read more »

Parkview Commons

Location:  Bronx, New York Narrative & program:  Parkview Commons is a new mixed use affordable housing development located on Elton Avenue fronting East 161st Street in the Melr... read more »

Downtown Kendall Master Plan and Code

Location:  Kendall, FL Narrative & program:  Thirty years ago Kendall Drive was a narrow country road at the edge of a young metropolis, but today this location is imbedded in ex... read more »


Location:  Placentia, CA Narrative & program:  The northern orange county community of Placentia's historic core serves as the platform for a 110-acre transit-oriented district w... read more »

Fayetteville Downtown Master Plan

Location:  Fayetteville, AR Narrative & program:  The Fayetteville Downtown Master Plan crystallized the community’s desires into a practical vision with clear instructions for... read more »

Garrison Woods

Location:  Calgary, AB Canada Narrative & program:  "• Garrison Woods represents the redevelopment of a 176- acre (160 gross developable acres) portion of the former Canadian F... read more »

North End

Location:  Milwaukee, WI Narrative & program:  Milwaukee’s newest downtown neighborhood overlooks the Milwaukee River at the former industrial site of the Pfister & Vogel t... read more »