transit-oriented development

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Alameda Market: A New Sustainable Urbanism

Location:  Denver, Colorado, USA Narrative & program:  The project was a submittal to a national competition in which interdisciplinary teams of students were asked to submit a d... read more »

Prospects for Southeast Lee County: Planning for the Density Reduction/Groundwater Resource Area (DR/GR)

Location:  Lee County, Florida, USA Narrative & program:  Project Description A special designation was applied to most of southeast Lee County, Florida in 1990 to protect the ar... read more »

The Atlantic & Pacific Development

Location:  Montgomery, Alabama, USA Narrative & program:  Located in the Old Cloverdale neighborhood of Montgomery, this project is the city's first mixed-use development in deca... read more »

Rockville Town Square

Location:  Rockville, MD, USA Narrative & program:  Located in the heart of Rockville Maryland, a close-in suburb of Washington, DC, the project reflects the transformation of 12... read more »

Mixson Avenue

Location:  North Charleston, SC, USA Narrative & program:  This infill development is a transit-oriented, environmentally conscious neighborhood, poised to help rejuvenate the ci... read more »

Woodstock Downtown

Location:  Woodstock, Georgia, 30309, USA Narrative & program:  This project is located along both sides of Main Street in Woodstock's historic central business district and refl... read more »

Louisiana Speaks Regional Plan

Location:  South Louisiana region, Louisiana, USA Narrative & program:  In 2005 Hurricane Katrina and Rita left 80% of New Orleans flooded, damaging 200,000 homes, 81,000 busines... read more »

Vedanta University Master Plan

Location:  Orissa, India Narrative & program:  In India today there is only one seat for every 10,000 university applicants, and those lucky enough to find a seat have limited ch... read more »

Wesmont Station

Location:  Woodridge, NJ Narrative & program:  Winner of the 2006 New Jersey Smart Growth Award Wesmont Station is a transit-oriented development that will occupy the site of ... read more »

Addison Circle

Location:  Addison, Texas Narrative & program:  Addison Circle is a prime example of a sustainable high-density mixed-use urban neighborhood within a classic "edge city" setting.... read more »