Brownfield redevelopment


Location:  Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53212 Narrative & program:  The redevelopment of the brownfield property once traversed by the "beer line" railroad involved reintroducing a stree... read more »

Revitalization of Midland

Location:  Midland, AU Narrative & program:  Context Midland (population about 50,000) is located 16km from the CBD of Perth, the capital of Western Australia. Midland flouris... read more »

Jeffrey Place

Location:  Columbus, Ohio, 43201, United States Narrative & program:  Italian Village will soon be home to the newest urban neighborhood in Ohio. Jeffrey Place has begun constru... read more »

University of Washington Tacoma Master Plan

Location:  Tacoma, Washington Narrative & program:  This University of Washington campus was established to provide higher education for southern Tacoma, but it is also the cente... read more »

The Commons Neighborhood Plan

Location:  Denver, CO, USA Narrative & program:  Redevelopment of former rail yard adjacent to downtown: will eventually include high-density residential, office and retail, and ... read more »

Glenwood Park

Location:  Atlanta, GA, USA Narrative & program:  This plan starts with the site cleanup of a former concrete recycling plant two miles from downtown Atlanta. Inspired by a three... read more »