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Oshara Village

Location:  Santa Fe, New Mexico, 87505, USA Narrative & program:  Oshara Village in Santa Fe, New Mexico, is now under construction. This unique New Urbanist development, which i... read more »

Louisiana Speaks: Pattern Book

Location:  State of Louisiana, U.S.A. Narrative & program:  In light of the destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina, it is apparent that rebuilding efforts must ensure that struc... read more »

State of Maryland's Smart Growth and Neighborhood Conservation Initiative

Location:  Annapolis, MD, USA Narrative & program:  The Maryland Department of the Environment's (MDE's) Smart Growth and Neighborhood Conservation Implementation Plan is a signi... read more »

Sarasota 2050

Location:  Sarasota, Florida, USA Narrative & program:  This regional project is an overlay to Sarasota County‚Äôs existing comprehensive plan. Everglades wetlands are protected ... read more »