Charter Awards

Building Neighborhoods that Build Social and Economic Prosperity

Location:  Kigali, Rwanda Narrative & program:  SITE: 30 hillside acres in Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda. Program: A growth template and specific neighborhood plan, includin... read more »

Liangjiang New District Transit Oriented Districts Plan

Location:  Chongqing, China Narrative & program:  SITE: 93,300 acre urban extension in a very large metropolitan area in China Program: A regional plan for 6.8 million people tha... read more »

Great Lakes Vision Plan

Location:  Great Lakes Narrative & program:  SITE: The bi-national watershed region around the Great Lakes and Saint Lawrence River covers 192 million acres and includes 11 thous... read more »

From Cleanup to Community: Envisioning a Flourishing Gowanus Neighborhood

Location:  New York, NY Narrative & program:  SITE: 405 acre Superfund redevelopment in the Gowanus neighborhood of southwest Brooklyn, NY Program: Proposed vision of a healthy f... read more »

Main Street Arts District

Location:  Little Rock, AR Narrative & program:  SITE: A four block district in the historic center of downtown Little Rock Program: A plan to transition the downtown center from... read more »

Ellis Square Regeneration

Location:  Savannah, GA Narrative & program:  SITE: 1.2 acre parking structure on location of former historic square in 11.2 acre city ward Program: A public investment in restor... read more »

Evergreen Brick Works

Location:  Toronto, Canada Narrative & program:  SITE: A historic former brickworks covering 12 acres at the heart of Toronto’s ravine network Program: Adaptive reuse of existi... read more »

Clarendon Center

Location:  Arlington, VA Narrative & program:  SITE: 2.2 acres across two infill blocks adjacent to a Washington Metro station Program: A set of mixed-use buildings that incorpor... read more »

From 'the Projects' to a Sustainable Community: Re-envisioning Public Housing in Lower East Side Manhattan

Location:  New York, NY Narrative & program:  SITE: 78 acres of existing tower-in-the-park public housing along the Manhattan waterfront Program: Socially and environmentally sen... read more »

Richmond Livable Corridors

Location:  Richmond, California Narrative & program:  This comprehensive revitalization plan, drafted by Opticos Design, Inc. prioritizes large scale, catalyst projects along the... read more »