CNU 20

Melrose Commons LEED for Neighborhood Development

Location:  Bronx, New York Narrative & program:  The project is a 30-block Urban Renewal Area anchored around Melrose Avenue and East 161st Street in the South Bronx, N... read more »

Fayetteville 2030: Transit City Scenario

Location:  Fayetteville, Arkansas Narrative & program:  "Streetcar cities understand there's a real competition for 'quality of place' in the New Economy, that urban real estate ... read more »

Revive Cincinnati: Neighborhoods of the Lower Mill Creek Valley

Location:  Cincinnati, Ohio Narrative & program:  The Study Public and Private Agencies funded this project, a $500,000 design study to begin coordinating the reconstruction... read more »

Bridge Street Corridor Study

Location:  Dublin, Ohio Narrative & program:  CONTEXT: An affluent community, 10 miles from downtown Columbus and Ohio’s wealthiest suburb, sprawled from a population of 2,500 ... read more »

SCAD Museum of Art

Location:  Savannah, Georgia Narrative & program:  The project is comprised of an 82,000 square foot art and design museum as well as a streetscape redesign and a new public gard... read more »

Georgetown "Social" Safeway

Location:  Georgetown, Washington, D.C. Narrative & program:  This contemporary market hall takes a formerly inhospitable stretch of Wisconsin Avenue in Georgetown, Washington DC... read more »

The David Brower Center and Oxford Plaza

Location:  Berkeley, California Narrative & program:  This Housing and Environmental Center project is a complex mixed-use development combining affordable housing, a LEED Platin... read more »

Cambridge Public Library

Location:  Cambridge, Massachusettes Narrative & program:  The New Public Library in Cambridge, Massachusetts includes a New Building (76,700 sf) standing shoulder-to-shoulder wi... read more »

The New Faubourg Lafitte

Location:  New Orleans, Louisiana Narrative & program:  In September of 2006, residents of a public housing project in New Orleans were still trying to cope with the devasta... read more »

Mount Rainier Mixed-Use Town Center Development Plan

Location:  Mount Rainier, Maryland Narrative & program:  Re-Inventing a Historic Streetcar Neighborhood The new Downtown Development Plan describes an ongoing reinvention of hist... read more »