East Beach

Location:  Norfolk, Virginia, USA Narrative & program:  This neighborhood redevelopment project on a 100 acre waterfront site has transformed and revitalized the entire Ocean Vie... read more »

Seaside Town Square and Beachfront Master Plan

Location:  Seaside, Florida Narrative & program:  The ongoing ability of Seaside, even after 30 years, to adapt and evolve urbanistically, architecturally, and socially, is one o... read more »

San Francisco Better Streets Plan

Location:  San Francisco, CA Narrative & program:  Streets make up 25% of the land area in San Francisco – more space even than is in all the City’s parks and open spaces. Sa... read more »

South Coast Rail Economic Development & Land Use Corridor Plan

Location:  Southeastern Massachusetts Narrative & program:  Problem, Context and Goals This project is a smart growth plan for transforming a region under threat. It will guide o... read more »

DC Streetcar Land Use Study

Location:  Washington, DC Narrative & program:  Context and site: A major American city is planning a 37-mile streetcar system running throughout its neighborhoods and districts,... read more »

Aga Khan University-FAS Land-Use Study

Location:  Karachi, Pakistan Narrative & program:  An international organization is creating a liberal-arts university campus and accompanying “village” in Karachi, Pakistan,... read more »

Augusta Sustainable Development Agenda

Location:  Augusta, GA Narrative & program:    The Augusta Sustainable Development Agenda (ASDA) originates from a sense within the city leadership that after more than a d... read more »


Location:  Corbeanca, Romania Narrative & program:  The Project is a new town to be built in the commune of Corbeanca, in Ilfov County, Romania. The town’s generally flat 34-he... read more »