Correcting the Moses Freeway

Description:  Robert Moses once said "cities are created by and for traffic" and urged that highways go through cities, not around them. This session reviewed how his ideas impacted cities across the nation, from New York to New Orleans. In an era of... read more »

Back to Boulevards

Description:  6/2/06 4:00pm-5:00pm Surface streets have replaced freeways in San Francisco,New York, Portland, and Milwaukee. Now Buffalo, Louisville, and Seattle are all contemplating what to do with crumbling urban freeways that separate their do... read more »

Mr. DOT Secretary, Tear Down this Wall*

Description:  While the economic benefits of removing urban freeways are well documented, the transportation benefits are still debated. Questions about the impact on traffic can present an obstacle to revitalization. Experiences from San Francisco a... read more »