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Andy Cotugno:Driving and the Built Environment:Effects of Compact Development on Motorized Travel, Energy Use, and CO2 Emissions

Description:  Andy Cotugno examines the relationship between land development patterns and motor vehicle travel in the U.S. and assess whether petroleum use and CO2 emissions could be reduced by changes in development design. Mr. Cotugno reveals how... read more »

Building Beautifully: Placing Craftsmanship Alongside Architecture and Urbanism in New Urbanism

Description:  The growing critique of many new urbanist developments is that the architecture and build quality do not measure up to the quality of the urbanism. In an era of economic uncertainty, the fear is that desperation in the development commu... read more »

Measuring and Modeling Your Carbon

Description:  We know that New Urbanism reduces carbon emissions. But how can we accurately measure these reductions? Learn how New Urbanists are helping to refine the use of current models to make them more responsive to variations in urban form, ur... read more »

Reducing CO2 Emissions through Parking and Transportation Demand Management

Description:  People driving to and from most buildings produce more CO2 emissions than the buildings themselves. In order to meet our nation’s CO2 reduction targets, we can’t just build green buildings and invest in cleaner vehicles – we must ... read more »